Fry vegetables “fry” lung cancer?These two cooking habits, you must change!

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1 “fry” out of lung cancer “fry” out of lung cancer is not alarmist, because kitchen smoke and second-hand smoke, will harm the respiratory system.If you like cooking, be sure to understand how kitchen lampblack deprives people of health ~ kitchen lampblack contains aldehydes, benzopyrene, dinitrophenol and other more than 300 kinds of harmful substances, do a meal inhalation carcinogens, is more than 100 times outdoor fresh air!Studies have shown that in non-smoking women, the longer exposure to lampblack, the greater the risk of lung cancer.Kitchen fumes are also a significant source of PM2.5.Research data show that when Onions, ginger and garlic are stir-fried, PM2.5 suddenly exceeds 150 micrograms per cubic meter, which is considered moderate pollution.At one point, as the eggs were being cooked, PM2.5 in the kitchen soared to 300 micrograms per cubic meter, a level of severe pollution.Large amounts of PM2.5, once inhaled into the lungs, cannot be excreted through the body’s metabolism and can damage the lungs and cause cancer.In addition, lampblack contains benzopyrene, which is a kind of volatile nitrosamine, inhalation too much, will also cause cancer.2 Two bad habits high temperature, repeated heating cooking oil cooking oil after high temperature heating smoke, will release a lot of harmful substances.Stir-fry, fry, braise in soy sauce, dry pot and other cooking methods are fried through high temperature, smoke is very large, often eat so, although satisfied appetite, but can affect health.In addition, cooking oil should not be repeatedly heated, which is more likely to produce harmful substances such as benzopyrene.Similarly, cooking one dish and moving on to the next is easier, but more likely to release carcinogens, and food residues can also release harmful substances when heated at high temperatures.Open, close lampblack machine time improper someone in order to save electricity, cooking after the lampblack machine, then the choking smell has been spread indoors, was sucked into the lungs, harm to human health.A dish out of the pot, Lima off lampblack machine is also wrong practice, will lead to the remaining lampblack can not be timely taken out, stranded in the indoor, indoor air pollution.3 reduce lampblack pollution choose the oil cooking oil is the main source of kitchen lampblack. The smoke point of cooking oil is usually between 107°-250°. When stir-frying, frying and braising, try to choose high smoke point cooking oil, such as refined peanut oil, tea seed oil and olive oil.Many people like to wait for the oil to smoke and then put the vegetables in the stir-fry, so the fried vegetables are tender and delicious, but also produce a lot of harmful substances.It is recommended that we reduce the cooking methods such as stir-fry, frying and dry pot, and use the method of hot pot and cold oil when cooking. If you want to heat the pot and hot oil, it is best to put the dish when the six or seven layers are hot.Judge the oil reaches six or seven layers of heat, there is a simple method, after the oil into the pot, insert a chopstick into it, when there are small bubbles, the oil will be heated almost, put the dish into the pot.Residual oil do not reuse we fry a good dish, do not be lazy, it is best to scrub again, wipe the remaining oil and food residue clean, avoid repeated heating of oil, the production of benzopyrene and other harmful substances.Remind everyone, edible oil best only use once, at most not more than three times, do not pity leftover oil, after all, health is much more valuable than this oil!Turn on the range hood before you fire don’t wait until you’re cooking to turn on the range hood.Before firing, it is necessary to open the window for ventilation and open the lampblack machine, because gas and gas will produce harmful gases when burning. If you do not pay attention to them for a long time, they will harm your health.After cooking, do not close the lampblack machine immediately. It is best to wait 5-10 minutes and then close it. Ensure that the remaining kitchen lampblack is discharged, so as not to cause secondary pollution.Timely cleaning lampblack machine lampblack machine is the right hand to solve the kitchen lampblack. In the process of use, the filter is easy to accumulate oil stains. If it is not clean for a long time, the effect of lampblack absorption will be greatly reduced.If you like to cook at home, remember to plant a few POTS of green plants. They can not only decorate the kitchen, but also purify the air and reduce kitchen smoke pollution.Don’t let the wrong way of cooking endanger your family’s health. Change the wrong way today