Looking back at 2021 (062)

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This week marks the end of the Year of the Ox in the Lunar calendar. Many people, especially 007’s comrade-in-arms, are busy reviewing their growth and achievements in the past year or two and setting up new flags for the New Year.But my year seems to have been extremely disorganized, muddled, had already deviated from the original set for their annual goals.Peony 01 reading 2020 tour to see all the way to the 83 book, think at the beginning of this year need to change the habit of reading, in order to avoid a pursuit of efficiency to complete the project goals without regard to effect, after careful thinking in 2021 after reading program is adjusted for: every book, the reading of 50, the year choose love or meaningful reading of ten.At the end of the year, I read about 40 books, but I did not read any of them intensively.If you use a progress bar to evaluate the reading goal, you’re 70 percent complete.Although the plan is not finished, but reading brings joy and harvest are also many, such as: “Built to last” and “from excellent to Excellent” let me have their own judgment and measurement standards for excellent enterprises, will not be the so-called big V or the public easily misled.Sunac Sun Hongbin made me get to know Sun Dahao again, eliminating the narrow prejudice against him based on previous experience and what I saw.”How to Return home” let me see the reality of rural youth struggling in the edge of the city (Sanhe God), they used to be a group of dream chasers with dreams.Through their joys and sorrows, I saw a picture of another life.By designing my own memorial service, “Five Times: Rebuilding Order in My Life” helped me clarify my tangled needs and visions, and gave me a clear plan for the rest of my life, eliminating many near-term goals in order to follow the principle of focus.”Two Hundred Days of A Dog husband” let me walk into the hearts of elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease and know the patients’ real thoughts and symptoms. If one day I meet them unexpectedly, how to face and get along with them, I will certainly deal with them better than before.”Bell and Drum Tower” let me marvel at the beauty of Zhang Xianliang’s architecture, “The Second Sun” let me feel the beauty of words in the smoke of war and so on…….Writing is my weekly review for the rest of my life.With the exception of a few weeks in between when you can’t really squeeze in the time, most of the time it works as planned, but the quality is spotty.Every time for the sake of procrastination, total want to come to hand in your homework when genius will write, sometimes can’t avoid working overtime work day, to write their own homework time is only half an hour more than ten minutes, so we have to use a short passage or a relevant small poem (accurate point should be called small phrase) temporary deal with it.At that time, I always thought that I would make up the missing weekly notes later, but the result was always time flies and the next week’s homework has arrived.The so-called make-up, it is impossible to mention.But it’s these little notes that keep my weekly review going without a break.I hope this year’s weekly notes can be prepared early every time, no longer wait until the node to hand in homework cramming, get rid of procrastination from now on.Living in the world, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea are always indispensable, and all wishes can only be discussed after filling the stomach.The goal set at the beginning of the year was that the revenue of this year would increase by 20-30% compared with that of 20 years ago. However, at the end of the year, xi ‘an was suddenly hit by the epidemic, and the city was closed for more than a month.Instead, spending has soared, to twice as much as in previous years.I thought I had developed a good and reasonable spending habit through daily bookkeeping in the past two years, but I stopped bookkeeping this year.When I looked back, I realized that reasonable spending was a long-term project, which could not be accomplished overnight. I needed to urge myself to give up unnecessary, extra and redundant expenditures from accumulated figures from time to time.So, from this month, start to resume the habit of bookkeeping.Try to get spending back to normal this year.The only thing lamei has not missed this year is the appointment with all kinds of flowers and plants.In April, I went back to my hometown to see the haunting tung flowers, went to Luoyang to see the graceful peony, and went to the botanical garden to see the fragrant and gorgeous tulips.In July fengdong to enjoy the ripples of dust out of the lotus, daming Palace came across a large purple willow verbena.October, a few times to find, finally see the legend of the net red powder, gentle dream.Year-end lockdown, thought this season of plum blossom to miss, did not expect to unlock, but also drag the tail of the year of the Ox, to xingqing Palace and plum blossom to a close contact.Goose yellow lamei shape as its name, texture moist.White plum blossom petal shape is like small cone, elegant without dye, aroma is better than yellow plum several degrees.This year, life did not disappoint me after all, each flower is hidden in the enchanting and secret of life, in their own season blooming unique charm.Just like everyone as long as the goal is firm, perseverance, will eventually have their own that a beautiful.