Stay at home and visit museums?The national-level museum in Shanghai has launched a live broadcast of in-flight classes

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How did ships evolve from small bamboo rafts to giant ships?Why did zheng He, the great navigator, go through seven dangerous voyages to the Western Seas?From the Shallow yellow Sea to the deep blue ocean, how did the PLA Navy grow from a weak force to a strong one?Why did the seemingly insignificant sailor’s knot become an important carrier of thousands of years of maritime culture?The types of modern ships are more and more abundant, so how to classify civil ships and what kinds are there?In order to enrich the cultural life of the public during the epidemic prevention and control period, the China Maritime Museum has launched the “double cloud classes, with the help of both museums and schools”.Starting from April 3rd, at 13:00 every weekend, CSCL will launch 8 live broadcasts of “Sailing Cloud Class” for students of different ages, such as primary school and junior middle school, so that children can learn in happiness and gain in learning.It is reported that the “Navigation Cloud Class” live broadcast content will be around the evolution of a brief history of ships, Zheng He’s voyage to the West, the people’s Navy forward, the art of the knot, civilian ship appreciation and other five themes, take everyone to appreciate the long history of navigation, enjoy the splendid navigation culture, feel the cool navigation technology.Parents and children can follow the host and teachers to embark on a magnificent online sailing journey.Photo source: China Maritime Museum Source: Author: Hu Xingyang