Story: The bandits killed the villagers, the butcher killed three bandits, fled to a nunnery

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Fengfengzhai is a mountain village, where more than 200 families live.Originally the villagers of qingfeng village lived in peace and contentment, but suddenly one day, a group of bandits appeared on the mountain.These bandits aren’t locals. They’re rebels.When their army was defeated, they fled to the hills here and became bandits.Since the bandits appeared in the mountains, some mountain villages in the mountains have suffered. The bandits often entered some mountain villages and then killed and set fire to them, robbing grain and women.Strange to say, the bandits never once came to qingfengzhai.Some old people in qingfengzhai said that the bandits did not dare to come to qingfengzhai because of the protection of the mountain god.One day at noon, the villagers of qingfeng Village are having lunch at home, suddenly the bandits entered the village.As a result, the villagers were caught off guard and many were killed by bandits.There is a butcher in qingfeng Village. The butcher is 29 years old, and he is big and strong.However, although the butcher is 29 years old, he has not married yet.The butcher heard footsteps and screams outside and knew that the bandits had entered the village.He quickly put down his dishes, picked up a woodcutter and ran out of the house.When the butcher rushed out of his house, he was met by three bandits.Thus, the butcher and three bandits launched a life and death struggle.In the end, the three bandits were killed by the butcher.After killing three bandits, the butcher climbed up the wall of a house and then climbed from the wall to the roof.Then he ran from the top of one house to the top of another.Finally, he escaped from the village.After the butcher escaped from the village, he went up the mountain.After walking on the hill for about a time, he came to the door of a nunnery on the hill. At this time, he had no strength and lay down on the ground.Suddenly, two young nuns came out of a nunnery.When two young nuns saw the butcher lying on the ground, they hurried over to him and asked him what was wrong.Butcher after listening to two young nuns, the bandits into the breeze village, he killed three bandits after escaping from the breeze village told two young nuns.Two young nuns listened to him and took him to a nunnery.The nunnery was not very big. There were only three nuns, an old one and two young ones. One of the young ones was miaoxiang, who was nineteen years old and very beautiful.The old nun saw two young nuns helping the butcher into the nunnery and said to the two young nuns, “This man has blood on his body and may bring disaster to the nunnery. Take him away at once.”After hearing what the old nun said, the two young nuns helped the butcher to a very secret cave.Outside this cave is more than one person tall weeds, cave entrance is not big, can only accommodate a person to bend down to enter.That night, the butcher slept in the cave.The next morning, a group of bandits into the nunnery, the original yesterday when the butcher killed three bandits, was seen by other bandits.By the time the other bandits arrived, the butcher was already on the roof.This morning, they found blood on the hill and followed it to the nunnery.When they entered the nunnery, they forced the three nuns to hand over the butcher.The three nuns insisted that the butcher was not in the nunnery.As a result, the bandits killed the two nuns, leaving only Miaoxiang.Because the bandits see wonderful fragrance is very beautiful, going to be wonderful fragrance back to the cottage.In the bandits with wonderful fragrance back to the cottage on the way, wonderful fragrance while the bandits do not pay attention to, ran to the edge of the cliff beside the road, and then jumped off the cliff.Miaoxiang jumped off the cliff and landed in a spring below the cliff. As a result, she only suffered minor injuries.At night, wonderful incense came to the butcher hiding in the cave, the bandits into the nunnery, and then killed two nuns told the butcher.After listening to Miaoxiang, the butcher said, “I won’t let go of these bandits.”The next morning, the butcher left the cave, he did not go back to the village, because he knew that a lot of villagers in the village were killed by bandits, there are not many villagers alive.He went to Lijia Village, the largest shanzhai in the mountains, home to more than 1,500 families and 80 hunters.The butcher knew the old chief of lijia Village, because every year on the eve of the Spring Festival, he would go to the old chief’s house to kill the New Year pig.Because there are many residents, hunters and strong folk customs in Lijia Village, the bandits have not come to Lijia Village.Butcher to Lijia village, soon found the old patriarch, he will be bandits into the breeze village, killed a lot of villagers told the old patriarch, finally, he hopes the old patriarch organization set up the Self-Defense force, and the bandits.Old clan after hearing his words said: “I have long heard of the bandits murder, arson, recently, I was just about to organization formed self-defense forces, just yesterday, a retired military officers, returned to the stockade now before he consented is li village people, I’m going to ask him to do the captain of the guard, is responsible for the training of self, you will stay in the lees village to join the SDF!”The butcher said: “Good, I stay in Lijiazhai to join the Self-Defense force.”Three days later, the Lijiazhai Self Defense Force was established, with a total of more than 500 people, including more than 80 hunters.After the SDF was established, retired officers began to train members of the SDF every day.One morning a month later, retired officers said to members of the Self-Defense Force: “Today we are going to attack the bandits’ shanzhai. There are more than 500 of us and only 100 of the bandits. I believe we will win.”SDF came to the bandits copycat door, began to shoot rockets in the copycat, time is not long, the bandits copycat on fire.After the fire in the bandit shanzhai, retired officers with the Self-Defense force rushed into the bandit shanzhai.Then a fierce battle began.Although this group of bandits fighting strength, but the Self-defense forces of Lijia Village in large numbers, and there are more than 80 hunters, more than 80 hunters excellent archery, so in the end all the bandits died, but the Self-defense forces of Lijia Village also died more than 160 members.Three days later, the old chief of The Village presided over the funerals of more than 160 members of the Self-Defense Forces who died in battle.The funeral was very solemn. Not only all the people alive in li’s village attended the funeral, but also many villagers from other villages in the mountains.