The most important tactic is “solidarity and mutual assistance”.

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Beijing, April 2 (Central Radio reporter Li Xingjian) Affected by the epidemic, Shanghai residents’ habits of buying food have changed a lot recently.Recently, a Shanghai “vegetable buying tactics manual” has been widely circulated in various group chats. The “manual” covers more than 30 vegetable buying platforms, hundreds of group buying enterprises and details of some group buying packages, providing Shanghai citizens with “strategies” for buying vegetables during special periods.Voice of China interviewed the author of the handbook. What other heart-warming stories are behind the handbook?Jiang Haitao, the author of the Shanghai Vegetable Shopping Tactics Manual, is from a consulting and management company in Shanghai, but the manual he put together has nothing to do with his company’s main business.Jiang haitao told Voice of China that the guide was created for the convenience of his family, colleagues and friends, but unexpectedly became popular.”The lockdown began on March 14 in my community,” jiang said. “Only people could enter or leave.This manual was about a week or so after I started staying at home, because people were having a little bit of trouble buying groceries.To be honest, the playbook was taken from the Internet, and there were a few playbooks, so I put them together.This is probably the original intention.I can’t go out every day. I didn’t take credit for this. I just sorted out some information on the Internet.”Hai-tao jiang said, buy vegetables “strategy” information is yourself and employees will be online some information collection, originally just send in several group chat, but as more and more people put forward form to relatives, friends, this is called “buy vegetables tactical manual” file began to appear in Shanghai residents of large and small group chat.Jiang said:”True have never thought about this, because this is everybody adjusted himself, and then according to their own some operating experience, then can send in several personnel related group, is our direction of human resources consulting industry, as do the personnel work, friends, and then sent some group, after some HR may send form to the staff,It could have spread like that.”The table sorted out individual and group purchasing channels, covering 33 online purchasing methods and group buying information of 55 agricultural cooperatives, all of which came from employees’ experience and public information of the media.The form also notes the ordering time, delivery range, product type and freight details for different regions.”Each APP has some information on it, and groups often have it.For example, if you buy food on Meituan alone, you can’t place an order. If you want to place an order, it will show that the network is crowded or there are many users. However, from Meituan takeout, you can find Meituan to buy food, and then place another order that is different from Meituan.For example, you can place a takeout order or a convenience store takeout order, and then the two orders are combined to pay together, and the payment will be smooth. After the payment, your order will be generated, and you can wait at home while Meituan buys food and delivers it to you.”According to the contact number provided in the guide, the reporter consulted a number of agricultural cooperatives, and the staff introduced that through group buying and other ways, citizens can book vegetable packages.But orders have surged these days, with most packages requiring two to four days in advance.Agricultural cooperative worker 1: Now we order strawberries, fruits, cucumbers, cherries and tomatoes three days in advance. Now we don’t do point-to-point.Agricultural cooperative worker 2: the set meal is 100 yuan, eight dishes, more than 13kg, if you have no dishes, you order, if you have dishes, you don’t order.Jiang haitao’s family lives in Puxi, Shanghai. On April 1, puxi began lockdown management and large-scale nucleic acid screening.He said his community has received a “vegetable meal” distributed by the street.”Puxi has been under lockdown these days.Now the community also gave some of the dishes on the 29th for a long time. We started to receive some dishes on the 29th, and the dishes were ok. We could eat them for three or four days.Jiang haitao said.The main tactic is solidarity.Jiang warned that some of the information in the form may have changed with the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures.But the value of this form has been fully reflected by providing Shanghai residents with one more possibility to solve the problem of buying food.”Yes, there are reminders,” said Jiang. “Now there are fewer food delivery men, and the requirements of the streets are changing every day.Now we still have to rely on all aspects of the channel, community group this group purchase or more, there are channels can buy some first, if there is a need can also be some neighborhood string.For example, I bought a lot of vegetables before, and I did a little skewer with other people who didn’t have vegetables.”In response to the problem of material supply for Shanghai citizens, Gu Jun, director of the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and control leading group material support group and director of the Municipal Commission of Commerce, said that they are strengthening the organization of supply, actively coordinating the supply enterprises to further expand procurement channels, carry out wholesale and zero docking, production and marketing docking, increase the purchase volume, to ensure market supply;In addition, a circular was issued to all districts to ensure the normal operation of the enterprises guaranteeing daily necessities, including the normal operation of the enterprises guaranteeing daily necessities;To permit the normal passage of vehicles;Keep the security personnel on duty.