Xiaomi’s cost performance status is not guaranteed, 120Hz+65W, running points over 710,000 is the dark horse

2022-08-12 0 By

When it comes to cost-effective mobile phones, we will always think of Xiaomi first. Xiaomi is relying on cost-effective mobile phones, but now different from the past, Xiaomi is now in the cost-effective status is gradually losing.Just as the so-called Yangtze River wave after the wave before, there are too many brands have gradually entered the ranks of cost-effective mobile phones, realMe is a dark horse.Especially its RealMe GTNeo flash version, with a price of about 1500 yuan to bring us a very high cost performance configuration, can be said to be the leader of the thousand yuan machine, has become a dark horse beyond xiaomi mobile phone.This time in the processor, it uses Breguet 1200, the main frequency of this processor is as high as 3.0ghz, and with UFS3.1, can achieve the ultra high running score of 710,000, performance is no less than the same level of Snapdragon chip, has become the latest choice for people to buy computers.Network 5G+5G+ WI-FI6 multiple optimization, can give you an excellent network environment, always maintain stability is its best pronoun.In addition, with 3D tempered VC liquid cooling heat dissipation, can bring more guarantee to maintain the performance of the mobile phone.The 120Hz Super AMOLED esports screen not only reaches the top refresh rate, but also reaches the astonishing 360Hz touch sampling rate, which is the standard of flagship phones.And with a 6.43-inch screen and a 179-gigabyte feel, it’s the perfect one-handed device to hold.In addition, the 64 megapixel rear triple camera is also a representative of mobile phone shooting performance, 4cm macro distance, 8 million ultra wide Angle, these in the daily shooting process is simply added to the tiger.The front 16 million pixel performance is slightly lower, but it also has the front portrait and the front super night scene, and also provides the AI certificate photo function, convenient for our life.The 65W charging power can make the 4500mAh battery charged to 100% in 35 minutes, which can easily be fully charged in the time of eating a meal.And with intelligent five core charging protection, even while playing charging is also very safe.Priced at 1,589 yuan, the RealMe GTNeo Flash version does a really amazing job. In terms of battery and screen, it’s already comparable to a flagship phone. If you need a cost-effective phone, it’s a good choice.For more exciting content, check out Hello Tech