From April 5 onwards, you need to scan “Qingdao One yard pass” to get on the subway

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In order to further improve the prevention and control of COVID-19, Qingdao Metro will officially implement the code scanning and boarding requirement from April 5, according to the notification from the competent authorities.Individuals need to open the scanning function of wechat or Alipay to scan the “Qingdao Yicode Pass” posted at the station. After the scanning is successful, personal health status and location information will be displayed, and the green code will be shown to the station staff to pass the security check and take the bus.For those who do not have smart phones or cannot scan codes due to poor signal or slow system, they need to show their health codes and make manual registration before going through security check and taking a bus.1. After entering the station, you can use wechat or Alipay to scan the QR code of “Qingdao Yiyitong” posted at the entrances, passages and security checkpoints of the station.2. After the scan is complete, the mobile phone generates 14-day traffic records when the code scan succeeded page is displayed.At the same time, the interface will also display the status of the personal electronic health code, so passengers do not need to show the personal electronic health code again.Qingdao Metro reminds you: when scanning the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code of “Qingdao Yicode Pass”, the mobile phone needs to open the flow of Internet access function;If the network signal is not smooth, please wait patiently or follow the guide of the station staff to register manually.If your health code is red or yellow, the station staff will handle the situation on site according to the requirements of the superior epidemic prevention department. Please understand, support and cooperate with all passengers.Q: What is “Qingdao One Code”?A: “One Code pass” is a kind of place code. It is a unique QR code that is scanned by people entering various key places during the epidemic prevention and control period. It is a unique QR code generated by each key place.Q: How do I scan the code to get into the station?Answer: after passengers to enter the station, need to open the WeChat or pay treasure to scan function, scanning the station entrances and exits, channel, or security checkpoints posted via a yard “Qingdao”, and after the success of the code, there will be individual health status, and location information such as the result, according to green yard and station staff to show “sweep code success” interface can rapid transit.Q: What is the function of “Qingdao One Code Link”?A: In order to further ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic in Qingdao, “Qingdao One Code” can accurately track the movement of people in and out of key places.Once risk personnel are found, they can be quickly investigated to avoid the spread of the epidemic. In emergency situations, risk personnel can be traced accurately and effectively.Q: Do you need to light the code of “Qingdao Yicode” and “e-health Code” at the same time?A: By scanning the “Qingdao Yicode Pass”, the information of people entering the subway station can be automatically registered, and the status of the “electronic health code” of people entering and leaving the place will be displayed. Therefore, you only need to scan the “Qingdao Yicode Pass” once.Q: What if the elderly and children don’t have smart phones and can’t scan codes?A: For the elderly and children who do not have smart phones, manual registration and other measures should still be carried out according to the guidance of field staff for epidemic prevention and control.For the health and safety of yourself and others: 1. When taking the subway, please raise your personal awareness and take good personal protection.2. When taking the subway, please wear a mask all the time, and conduct “Qingdao One Code Pass” scanning and temperature check. Passengers who cannot use mobile phone scanning, please cooperate with station staff to make manual registration.3. When entering the station, please choose “scan the code and pass the gate” and other non-contact modes.