Gansu two “fiasco wine”, the former fame of wuliangye, now out of the northwest no one

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“The Silk Road was 3,000 li long and the Chinese civilization 8,000 years long.”Speaking of Gansu wine, if you only know Huangtai, it is a little ignorant.In Longyuan, there are a lot of good wine left a deep impression on people, the local people basically do not drink foreign wine, because gansu wine is enough to let the local people drink enough.Although Huangtai is well known in Gansu, it is rarely used in local banquets, but in wines that outsiders have never heard of.These wine is not without beauty, want to know when these brilliant even “one elder brother maotai” such as “wuliangye” now in liquor-making industry ranking eldest brother second wine is not their “opponents” you can imagine these wine “severe” and with the continuous development of The Times, they didn’t keep up with the pace of social development and gradually be eliminated,So next xiaobian will lead you to take a look at gansu’s 2 “fiasco” to see what are there?1. It is a “sad” thing that many People in Gansu only know the existence of Huangtai wine in Gansu, but do not know the existence of Jinhui wine.It is no exaggeration to say that compared with the current lukewarm, the Golden Emblem of the last century is really “red through the existence of half the sky”, not only became the first “famous wine” in Gansu, but also successfully went out of Gansu, shining in the whole country.But along with time changing Jin Hui wine did not grasp the market changes, miss the taste of the “condition”, and also than the original on the liquor, the pricing is also rising year after year gradually make a lot of consumer to he lost his “patience” makes his “fiasco” gradually by the later emperor Taiwan beyond, had to let a person gasp,To know at the beginning of the jinhui wine is also a famous move of a wine, now in Gansu province in the top three are not on the row., 2, dunhuang liquor of this wine, between many people subconsciously will can’t help but think of the world-famous mogao grottoes of dunhuang, but in fact this is a wine, mainly adopts the traditional process, then with the most high-quality and pure sorghum for wheat as raw material, with the most clear and transparent “bar spring” produced, once become gansu people idea of a “good wine”.At the beginning of dunhuang wine in the province with people’s understanding of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and a big sale of a wave, the success of the crushing of many similar wine, dunhuang wine sales at the beginning of the best time, in the country only “baijiu elder brother Maotai” can be comparable to him.Dunhuang wine has to be said that the whole life is full of legend, first became the heart of Gansu people “good wine” and “rushed” to the national glory.In fact, there are a lot of good wines in Gansu, but they have not received a good publicity. I believe that if gansu wine can get a good publicity, it will certainly shine in the national liquor market.Even “First brother Maotai” and “Second Wuliangye”, which occupy half of the liquor market, are not likely to be “rivals” of Gansu liquor.It is no secret that people in Gansu are simple and honest, and everyone can drink three and five jin of wine. With the development of traffic nowadays, the wine they drink is not only local wine. It is said that there are two kinds of wine that people in Gansu drink most.Compared with many other wines in Gansu province, Yuande Imitation Tai Wine is a maotai-flavor liquor, which mainly focuses on the “wine quality” and adopts top ingredients (sorghum, wheat, peas, etc.). It has been favored by many wine lovers since its inception.The difference is that although it looks ordinary, it reveals “extraordinary” everywhere.Gently taste a thick maotai aroma, if you do not look at the packaging you may also because you drink Maotai.Yes, this wine has the taste of Maotai, and it is super cost-effective, and the packaging is great.In brewing is after three or five years of time to open, so it is popular with so many wine friends.Tai White wine tai white wine is produced in Shaanxi province. It is a famous traditional Chinese wine with a long history. It was born in the Shang Dynasty and flourished in the Tang Dynasty.In the material is the choice of sorghum to drink barley, peas, etc., after many years of mixed steaming mixed burning traditional old six retort craft carefully brewed, natural old ripe, scientific blending.With clear and transparent, mellow and elegant, all taste harmonics and other characteristics.This wine is also widely available in Gansu province.Well, that’s all for today’s sharing. See you in the comments!