Gaoming, Foshan: with Kerry Logistics, 350 million yuan to build an intelligent logistics park

2022-08-13 0 By

Guangdong Esquel Group and Kerry Logistics recently signed a letter of intent to cooperate, the two sides will work together to create an intelligent logistics park.The logistics Park is located in Shangliang plot, Xijiang Industrial New Town, Gaoming District, Foshan city, with a planned total investment of about 350 million YUAN and a storage area of about 100,000 square meters. It will provide tailor-made end-to-end supply chain efficient solutions for customers.In recent years, facing the pearl river delta hub (new) in guangzhou airport to speed up the construction of such historical opportunity, gradually construct a brillant district, foshan city rail transit and highway network are the backbone of many nodes, grid, the whole transportation network, water, land, empty all-round optimization of transportation, geographical environment, great prospects for development of logistics industry.Esquel Group has adjusted its market, customers, products and business structure in recent years, such as significantly increasing the proportion of domestic brand customers, accelerating the market development of its own brands “Pai” and “Shirushi”, and vigorously developing domestic and cross-border e-commerce business.The warehousing and logistics needs and patterns of enterprises and customers have also undergone significant changes.Based on this, esquel actively introduce international advanced third party logistics providers kerry logistics as a partner, depends on their own in the textile industry and logistics industry leading status and professional ability, common in brillant district, foshan city, is located in the west new town on the 129 acres of good plot cooperation on a smart logistics park planning, construction and operation,In order to achieve the goal of complementing each other’s advantages and joining hands in transformation and upgrading, the joint venture business of storage investment and textile and garment supply chain in Shangliang will be promoted synchronously.The project plans to invest a total of 350 million yuan, with a storage area of 100,000 square meters after completion.Both parties are committed to building it into a professional, intelligent, efficient and cost-effective logistics park in the Greater Bay Area.”Esquel group has rich experience in whole supply chain management since its establishment in 1978, based on its deep cultivation in traditional textile and garment manufacturing industry.According to Zhao Jun, Esquel logistics Director in China, esquel’s logistics team, which integrates warehousing, transportation, delivery and import and export functions, plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth flow of goods in the esquel supply chain, and has accumulated a lot of professional experience and skills in the field of textile, apparel and accessories warehousing logistics.Read: Yu Fanghua