Uninvited?A family in Changde, Hunan province, was having a lunar New Year dinner when a novice driver crashed into the house, causing embarrassment

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Article/Xiao Wu Kan a kan (original works, please do not plagiarize) title: Uninvited?A family in Changde, Hunan province, was having a lunar New Year dinner when a novice driver crashed into the door, embarrassing the society.Xiao Wu kan a kan, continue to share social interesting anecdotes to everyone on the first day of the New Year, I wish the net friends New Year new atmosphere, all the best, everything goes well.Chinese New Year is a big traditional festival for Chinese people. Every place has the same customs and enjoys the traditional festival happily. Different ceremonies represent different cultures, which also means the development of social economy and culture is getting better and better.The New Year’s dinner is an important meal of the year, symbolizing auspiciousness, happiness and reunion.At the end of the New Year’s Eve, the most important thing is for the whole family to get together and respect and love each other.On New Year’s Eve, a video of the near-miss was posted, prompting jokes in the comments section.In Changde, Hunan province, a family was having a Lunar New Year dinner when a car parked in front of their house smashed into the house with the driver’s foot on the accelerator, frightening everyone. Fortunately, no one was hurt.According to the video, the person said that the family was having a reunion dinner, then heard the sound of “bang”, thought the family set off firecrackers, and then saw the white car rushed in, sitting next to the family at first reaction stood up, looked a little “meng”, and then went to the driver’s theory.Netizens have joked that the driver is to ceng the meal, unexpectedly uninvited to bump into the door and enter, this next embarrassing, fortunately, the car hit the door to come in the location is not to eat the meal, otherwise it may have a different “year”.Have to say, this driver driving skills a little “tiger”, really do not know how to get the driver’s license, if it is really a novice driver’s misoperation, sincerely suggest to re-test, otherwise such a road killer is too scary.Some netizens doubt that the driver is not drunk driving, a meal operation fierce as tiger, during the Chinese New Year, many relatives are thinking of drinking two glasses of wine, some driving in the rural road, feel that no one to check the guard would like to muddle through, can not block the enthusiasm of relatives but to harm themselves, they do not know that drinking does not drive, driving does not drink.Drunk driving harms others, if the driver is drunk driving, it should be severely punished, this time fortunately fortunately did not hit people, but not every time can be so lucky, driving on the road, responsible for their own lives should also be responsible for others, otherwise it is the pain of people on both sides.Netizens, after watching this scene, what do you think of it? Share it in the comments section!Like xiaobian articles, please pay attention to me, bring more wonderful articles ~ want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Xiao Wu Kan a kan