“Yu” see spring, bloom epidemic scattered!More than 40 star friends send wishes through Elephant News!

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Elephant news reporter Wu Jingjing human festival kangping world, tiger happy spring!Starting from January 29 (the 27th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar), more than 40 celebrity friends will send New Year’s greetings to Internet users through Elephant News.As the Spring Festival approaches, some people have returned to their hometowns for family reunions, while others can only spend the festival in other places due to various reasons. Of course, many literary and art workers are still busy in the cast or on the scene of spring evening. As artists, it is hard but also a kind of happiness.Every Spring Festival, we would invite friends of artists to record videos and send New Year’s greetings. With more and more artists participating, this activity is more like a party of old friends. They meet each other during the Spring Festival and send wishes in fancy style, which is warm and lively.This year we still invited many artist friends to record a blessing video.The year of 2021 is an extraordinary year for henan people, which has left many indelible memories for us. Therefore, we also hope that these blessings can bring you a warm comfort.In the past year, there will be times of joy and happiness, of course, there will also be difficult, painful and confused moments, but anyway, on the first day of the New Year, everything is new, with these sincere blessings, with full energy, start the New Year.Thanks to huang xiaoming, candy chang, rain, Cecilia liu, dicky cheung, yishan zhang, wonhee, 15, bin-bin zhang, Hu Xia, xiaotong guan, Yuan Yuxuan, li yongde, quickly go.some, Xu Jiahong, Zhao Xiaotang, zi-feng li yun-long zhang, Wang Yifei, wang Xiao, hairong tian, the day side, ZhuZiJie, whether on the high, hu jun, new, Zhang Song, Shi Peng Ye Zu yuan, Zhang Duo, flora, Jiang Yunxi, with wangLun, Wang Yuanke, Zhu Xudan, Lai Yi, Jing Boran, Liu Weiting, Yi Daqian, Zhang Yi, Sun Qian, Dili Reba, Liu Ye…The blessings of more than 40 artists, including many consecutive years to send blessings of old friends, but also new partners, they participate in “Yu” see spring, bloom and epidemic scattered!”Elephant news send blessing” lunar New Year “activities on blessing at the same time, will also participate in the elephant news client and elephant official microblog # by the year of the tiger Spring Festival couplets on # interactive planning, like their fans friends also can participate in, think some or implied artist name associated with the year of the tiger, the Spring Festival couplets to elephant weibo interact.These two activities will be launched from the 27th day of the 12th month of the Lunar calendar to the 6th day of the Chinese New Year (January 29 to February 6). During these eight days, artists and friends will greet you and send you the freshest and sincere wishes.