Collection!April smells sweet!Hebei pear around the best viewing period forecast

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In spring, pears blossom again.Hebei is one of the largest pear flowers in North China. When will the pear flowers bloom in Hebei this year?When is the best viewing time?On March 23, the Pear Meteorological Center of Hebei province released the forecast of the best viewing season for pear flowers in Hebei in 2022.The opening of pear flower is closely related to weather, temperature and other meteorological factors.According to the analysis of Pear Meteorological Center of Hebei Province, since 2022 (From January 1 to March 20), the average temperature, precipitation and sunshine in Our province are more than usual.A series of meteorological elements, accelerated the growth rate of pear trees, pear flowers in advance of the opening time.The best viewing period of pear flowers in wei county and Wei County in the south of our province is from the end of March to the beginning of April.Zhao County, Shenzhou and Botou in early April is the best viewing period of pear;Xiongxian county, Yi County, Yongqing is in mid-April;Further to the north, zhuolu, Qianxi, Qinglong and other places the best pear viewing period is in the middle and late April;Luanping has the latest flowering period, which can last until early May.There are pear trees planted in 11 districts and cities in Hebei, among which The planting area of Zhao County in Shijiazhuang reaches 250,000 mu, which is one of the largest areas of pear tree planting in North China.Hebei pear varieties, long flowering, covering a dozen varieties such as yali pear, snow pear, all kinds of pear blossom opening time, flowering length is different, long viewing cycle.In addition, hebei pear trees grow in a variety of environments, not only grow in plain, mountainous areas are also considerable, for example, in the north of Chengde, a lot of pear trees are grown in the mountains, when the pear flowers there in full bloom, with the hills and hills, presenting another beautiful scene.Source: Shijiazhuang Daily