Eilingtao erupts!Facing Ke Jie, can you play this kind of chess?

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Is Eilingtao a forgotten giant killer?Yi Lingtao was born on May 29, 2000. Compared with ding Hao and Xie Ke, who were already in their prime after 2000, yi Lingtao is very slight.Tiangyuan first round, yi Lingtao easily beat Wang Xinghao six section, people thought that all blame Wang Xinghao’s poor play.But this round, in the face of the world’s first go ke Jie nine duan, Yi Ling Tao’s play is still good.Until this time, people suddenly found that Yi Ling Tao peremptorily has grown into a “giant killer”.This bureau, Ke Jie nine section of the first.The story takes place in the upper right corner.Facing white 6 hanging corner, black 7 a high clip.White 10, and two high clips.White 20, holding his temper and not eating.Black 27 two clip, ask white’s next move?A, B, C, D, which point would you choose?White 28 Damn it, good man.This chess, fully reflected yi Ling Tao strong strength.It seems that the last game of chess he can beat Wang Xinghao, not hit luck.White 38, slow down.Although white is still dominant, but like Ke Jie chess players, once a sigh of relief, the consequences will be very serious.White one in here is the right move.White has a win rate of over 94%!Black 41 empty pull a son, the mood will be very happy.But White 42 split the second best, white’s win rate hovering around 80%.Eilingtao erupts!Facing Ke Jie, can you also play this kind of chess and beat ke Jie, the world’s no. 1 player, to a winning rate of 20%?Some people say that Ke jie’s nine-dan thinking is already “past tense”.If we can’t get rid of this fixed “past tense” thinking, “one-round” games of all kinds will become the norm.Others say that ke should not be too strict with her because of the heavy academic burden at Tsinghua University.The problem is, we don’t know if it’s a joke or a fact.