Hebei boy liu Xuezhou took medicine and died!I was trafficked by my parents, and then I got caught up in Internet abuse

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In any case, parents will always be children’s shelter, no matter how much grievance, children are willing to go back to the arms of their parents, but the society is very realistic.Believe that many people were familiar with the name for Liu Xuezhou, that’s right, is after a tracing of the boys in the network, it is reported, which have been, are biological parents abandoned, sold to another family, but as an adult, choose to find the biological parents, because of the power network, Liu Xuezhou finally return to the arms of the parents.Thought this is a happy and happy ending, Liu Xuezhou future will finally have the home can be classified, but everyone had Liu Xuezhou yet again abandoned by their parents, the young boy in the national heart don’t know how serious blow, finally left a suicide note, choose to take sleeping pills, died forever!01 endeavoured after encountering network Liu Xuezhou of violence was a wish to find their own biological parents, then through the network to achieve the wish, parents also specially held a celebration for it, you can see from the picture at that time, whether Liu Xuezhou or their biological parents, on the face were all happy appearance, but this is just the surface.Endeavoured after Liu Xuezhou were not taken seriously, and even can not accidentally step into his parents’ home, after coming out of Liu Xuezhou ask parents to a suite of events, rejected by the parents, in their parents’ mind, and no recognition Liu Xuezhou this son, at the same time, many netizens also dissatisfied with Liu Xuezhou behavior.Internet violence like this young boy hit, although, its biological parents still have a lot of excuses and reasons, regardless of how Liu Xuezhou explained to netizens, Internet violence still exists!After being abandoned twice and experiencing online violence, Liu finally committed suicide.02 microblogging issued a long, show suicidal Liu Xuezhou before suicide once wrote a long on weibo, expressed strong dissatisfaction to parents, because Liu Xuezhou not abducted, but abandoned by biological parents sold, so Liu Xuezhou expressed the hope that accountability for parents, the article content revealed its suicide, was the man found in sanya, the beach to take a lot of antidepressants.He was eventually taken to hospital but died due to ineffective rescue efforts, which instantly attracted the attention of Internet users.A netizen’s message said, its parents’ practice is simply infuriating, but all the netizens who had participated in the network exposure before, are not innocent!There’s a price to pay.Want to know more exciting content, pay attention to Xiangyang talk education