Sanya took various measures to ensure the supply of “vegetable basket” during the Spring Festival to ensure stable market supply

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Chinese cabbage 1.2 yuan per jin, Chinese cabbage 1.2 yuan per jin, Chinese winter melon 1.1 yuan per jin, Shanghai green 1.4 yuan per jin, Chinese cabbage 1.4 yuan per jin, radish 1.9 yuan per jin……Hainan Daily reporter visited supermarkets and farmers’ markets in Sanya on January 29, and found that the price of vegetables in Sanya remains stable as the Spring Festival approaches, with many vegetables starting with “1”.It is reported that to ensure the supply of “vegetable basket” during the Spring Festival, Sanya has taken various measures to ensure stable supply and price.First, strengthen vegetable production and supply.Strengthen local leaf vegetable production and supply, adjust winter melon and vegetable supply to Sanya market.At the same time, the organization and coordination of local perennial vegetable base and vegetable basket parity network to implement production and marketing docking.From January 16 to February 16, 90 “vegetable basket” discount outlets and public vegetable stalls were organized to sell 22 basic vegetable varieties at prices ranging from 0.5 yuan to 1 yuan per kilogram.Second, organize vegetable “enclave” transportation and pre-holiday emergency transportation.A week before the Spring Festival, Sanya launched the emergency vegetable transport mechanism, and organized 12 affordable vegetable production and marketing alliance enterprises to transport vegetables from inside and outside the province and put them into the Sanya market.In addition, in order to ensure the supply of meat products, Sanya Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs took the lead and coordinated three slaughterhouses to actively transfer pigs from inside and outside the island to ensure the daily supply of pigs reached more than 1,000.