Shandong: The use of comprehensive quality files will be optimized in the 2022 college entrance examination

2022-08-14 0 By

Shandong, March 16 (CNS) — In order to ensure the safe and orderly implementation of the 2022 college entrance examination, shandong Provincial Admission Examination Committee issued a Notice on the 2022 College Entrance Examination on March 15.The notice puts forward new requirements for promoting the reform of the admission system this year, and also clarifies that from 2023, students who give up admission qualification or drop out of school after being admitted by the special program in previous years will no longer be eligible to apply for the special program.The notice made it clear that reform of the examination and enrollment system will continue this year.To optimize the use of comprehensive quality files, all regions should rely on the “Shandong ordinary high school students comprehensive quality evaluation information management system” to optimize and perfect the comprehensive quality files, establish a more scientific and accurate evaluation index system, and provide comprehensive, standardized, objective and concise file materials for colleges and universities.Colleges and universities should actively explore the use of comprehensive quality evaluation information in special types of enrollment, mobilize integrated resources to participate in the design of open, research-based and interdisciplinary learning programs in high schools.It is necessary to emphasize process evaluation, strengthen the role of comprehensive quality evaluation of students in the recruitment and selection system, continue to increase the weight of project-based learning, exploratory learning, subject research and other landmark results and developmental evaluation data, carry out multi-dimensional assessment and evaluation of students, and serve as an important reference for enrollment.We will ensure equal access to higher education, and implement the policy of allowing children of migrant families to take college entrance exams in their destination cities.We should constantly optimize services, refine operational methods and work procedures, and ensure that relevant policies are implemented.In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, we will organize and implement the enrollment of “special college” and “special local” programs, and increase the proportion of rural students enrolled in key colleges and universities.Starting from 2023, candidates who give up admission qualification or drop out after being admitted to the special program in previous years will no longer be eligible to register for the special program.The relevant colleges and universities should timely give up the relevant candidates in previous years to report to the provincial education enrollment examination institute.Continue to crack down on “gaokao migrants”.We will strengthen the regulation of high school enrollment and school running, strictly regulate the management of high school enrollment, and strictly prohibit empty registration, separation of student enrollment, and illegal enrollment and borrowing activities. We will take effective measures to address both the symptoms and root causes of the problem of “gaokao immigration” and earnestly maintain the order of college entrance examination and enrollment.Edited by Wang Jingjing and reviewed by Li Shan