Chongqing’s most famous 8 kinds of snacks, each is the favorite of Chongqing people, how many have you eaten?

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Chongqing noodles are one of the four special features of Chongqing and one of the staple food of Chongqing people. Many Chongqing people start their day with a bowl of chongqing noodles.Chongqing people love noodles as much as hotpot. They can skip hotpot for several days, but they can’t go a day without eating noodles. Chongqing people’s love for chongqing noodles is more like a dependence than an addiction.Every foreign tourists to Chongqing, the first meal will be a bowl of Chongqing small noodles, I believe that if you come should also be unable to help eating a bowl.Two: Hot and sour powder Hot and sour powder has always been one of chongqing people’s favorite traditional snacks.Chongqing’s hot and sour powder is made of sweet potato powder and pea starch as raw materials by the most traditional manual method. When eaten with seasonings, it tastes hot and spicy. People who have eaten it have praised it highly, and it has the reputation of “the best powder in the world”.Chongqing Chen Chang Silver Mahua, referred to as Chen Mahua for short, is a typical representative of Chongqing characteristic snacks, with the title of “China’s famous snacks” and “Chongqing famous Point”.Chen Ma Hua has a variety of flavors, sweet, spicy, spicy, pepper and salt, etc., each flavor has its own characteristics, and it is very popular for its crispy taste.Shancheng Small Tangyuan means Chongqing small tangyuan, because the nickname of Chongqing is shancheng.Shancheng small glutinous rice balls are made of high-quality glutinous rice soaked in water for a week. After the glutinous rice bubbles expand, they are manually ground with a stone mill and then filled with lard, black sesame and other auxiliary materials. They are characterized by thin skin and large filling, sweet and smooth, and they are not greasy.It is a special product of Fuling, Chongqing. It is a drink that Chongqing people drink when they receive guests in the early years. It is just like pouring a cup of tea to guests in many places.Oil bowls of glutinous rice are complicated to make and have sweet and salty flavors, but most people prefer salty ones.When it comes to hand-cutting, many people are easy to be brainwashed by sichuan dragon hand-cutting, thinking that only Sichuan can have hand-cutting, but it is not, Chongqing hand-cutting is very famous, and chongqing people love to eat one of the food, its love degree and small noodles, eating is not only food, but also a kind of feelings.Seven: Malatang malatang in Chongqing is a very popular characteristic snacks, malatang taste and eating a bit like hot pot, so some people say that malatang is a person’s hot pot, can choose ingredients to cook together according to their preferences, eat mala fresh sweet, like eating spicy people are difficult to withstand the temptation of malatang.Nine yuan steamed stuffed bun is chongqing’s time-honored food, its characteristics are beautiful shape, white soft, filling and fresh and tender, eat up the sauce flavor is full, eat people are full of praise, there are Chinese snacks and Chongqing time-honored honor, in the steamed stuffed bun around the country is ranked on the ranking, worth a taste.Above are the 8 most famous snacks in Chongqing. Besides these, there are many other delicious foods waiting for us to discover and taste.Fortunately, I have never tasted the eight chongqing snacks except for fuling’s oil mash, and I have eaten all the others. They are really good and worth recommending.Do you know any other famous snacks in Chongqing?Welcome to share with us.