Concentric anti-epidemic live up to the promise | National Sea Franklin Foundation anti-epidemic record

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Since March, a new round of Omicron epidemic has hit Shanghai, which has faced the most severe test since the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. The closed management of a large number of residential areas and office buildings has brought certain challenges to the business operation of fund companies.In order to fight against the epidemic, Sealand Franklin Fund Immediately activated the crisis treatment and emergency response mechanism.The company has adopted a minimization office plan. All employees overcome difficulties and have the courage to take responsibility. Key positions are on duty 24 * 7.Save for a rainy day, several rounds of practice perfect plan for all kinds of possible emergency during the outbreak response, as early as the early outbreak in January 2020, the UN franklin fund set up by the chairman of the board as soon as group leader, by all the executives, compliance, administration, marketing and human resources department head outbreak management committee composed of leading group,Detailed plans have been made in advance for various scenarios of epidemic prevention and control.At the same time, relevant personnel were organized to carry out several rounds of disaster preparedness and remote desktop emergency drills to ensure the smooth operation of services and systems during the epidemic.After the outbreak of the epidemic, according to the company’s crisis handling and emergency response mechanism, the company arranged all affairs in the epidemic prevention and control stage in an orderly manner, prepared emergency supplies and materials in time, and flexibly responded to the escalation and changes of epidemic prevention and control.In terms of personnel arrangement, the company adopts Angle A and Angle B to reduce personnel flow and properly arrange job rotation and authorization of on-site office staff to reduce the risk of cross infection.At the same time, the minimization office plan was timely launched, and the key positions were on 24-hour duty to prevent business interruption or failure caused by the closure of the community or office building.Led the rotation period, the company executives, and investment, trading, risk control, registration, valuation and settlement, information technology, the core business, such as administrative department to hold, take turns 24 hours on site office, in the case of market volatility, we effectively guarantee the investment and operation and so on various business safe and orderly, stable and efficient.Among them, in the aspect of information security and compliance management, to meet the needs of the remote office, the company provides the necessary remote equipment, safe and reliable, completes the relevant employee information security management and compliance training, to VPN and the safety of data on a tight leash, continuous monitoring on remote office related systems and business, tracking and review,Ensure the safety and stability of company business and system.Fulfill his duties and escort for the interests of customers due to the upgrading of disease prevention and control measures, many colleagues live in the village were temporarily closed, people purchase often-expensive, heavy task, office building is also facing the possibility of being closed, need more than business backbone actively sign up to participate in work, to overcome various difficulties, lift the business running smoothly.Investors are most concerned about fund managers, since this round of epidemic, both big names and new talent insist on duty rotation, as long as the community is unsealed, immediately go to the company, continue to focus on fundamental research, and strive to make the best investment decisions.All the research, analysis and decision-making have not been compromised due to the difficulties of the epidemic, and we are doing our best for every trust of the holders.It is because of the recent market volatility, investment trading operations more busy than ever, and itself has the higher need for site office desk, as more and more colleagues district closed, hand tightening, but every now and then have “reinforcement” in a village just unlock immediately with the luggage to the company, the emergencies.A number of people are always on the desk at the same time and stay with the firm at night.Telecommuting colleagues also fully supported and cooperated with the transaction support work, ultimately ensuring the smooth completion of all transactions.Similar challenges have occurred in the Fund services Department.Background almost all work is closely connected with the system, one day more than TA team colleagues were temporarily closed in the neighborhood, fund affairs according to the emergency response mechanisms and plans for the company, on the one hand, to arrange relevant personnel urgent apply for opening the remote, on the one hand carding eyes must to complete the urgent items, the priority order, error-free to communicate with the timely processing and return to work.After the rapid opening of the system, all colleagues made up for the lost time in an emergency, and finally finished the work with quality and quantity guaranteed, without any failure.”My colleagues, including those on the night shift, volunteered to help everyone from morning to late at night.”The core members of FA team also volunteered to stay on duty at night. “A colleague’s wife attended training in another place and had a small child at home, but he still volunteered to stay on duty, which moved us very much.”Since the outbreak of the epidemic in many places this year, in order to prepare for the remote office that may be launched at any time, the Information Technology Department has rushed to work on weekends for many times to prepare, debug and check the safety of the remote system, and also arranged colleagues on duty at night and on weekends.Since the new round of epidemic prevention policy was upgraded, 70% of colleagues in the department have been quarantined, and those who have not been quarantined voluntarily take responsibility and insist on working the night shift.”Some of my colleagues were on duty three nights in a row because of poor health. Several of them had small children at home, but they also tried to overcome difficulties and took turns on duty.”All the members of the Risk Control Department do a good job in risk control and monitoring of investment transactions and stay for several days.The head of the department lived in the company for 4 consecutive working days due to the closure of the residential area. After the closure of the residential area on the weekend, he went home for a short rest. For fear that the residential area might be closed again, he returned to the company for 24-hour duty.Market sales line holder interests, communicate with the customer service work, in market volatility, market sales line actively organize online roadshow, TV, help investors better understand the company’s latest research view, investors concerned questions, play a bridge role between good for research with customers, especially in the market at home and abroad strong adjustment,When investors are full of anxiety, the first time to send a letter to the holder, clarify the company’s interpretation of the irrational market decline, call for long-term perspective to deal with short-term fluctuations, and supplemented by a number of accompanying manuscripts, and the holder through the difficulties;Customer service Department, Supervision and audit Department, Business Development Department, office of the Board of Directors, administrative department-Human Resources Department, administrative department-finance department, administrative department-General affairs department and other departments also adhere to job rotation. No matter in the front line or in the rear, colleagues are committed to their duties, rise to the challenge, and complete all tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed.