“Healing manga” cheers for the city!Chen Xiaotao, X cartoonist of Henglong Group

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No matter you live in a small place, or you travel thousands of mountains and rivers, there is a warm place in everyone’s heart.Spring is getting warmer, the warm corner of China needs an emotional resonance.March 24, Chen Xiaotao cooperate with famous enterprises, hang lung properties, hang lung properties, tianjin, dalian, wuhan, jinan, shenyang (emperor city hang lung plaza) five cities of hang lung plaza, hand in hand together new generation graphic Chen Yuting (Chen Xiaotao) launched “not good to eat light” series of activities, to bring us warm heart cure dining experience.Chen Xiaotao’s cartoons moved us as much as she loved painting and life.When the epidemic broke out in Wuhan in early 2020, her work Hot and Dry Noodles, Refueling, was called by netizens as “a heart-warming work that gives warmth and strength to China”.As a girl from Tianjin, Chen Has always been close to her hometown.In 2022, Chen Xiaotao and the protagonists in Hot And Dry Noodles Refuelling — “Little Food”, based on the distinctive food in five cities such as Tianjin, tell the food stories of different places with anthropomorphic food.With the artistic expression that touches the soul, Chen Xiaotao endows food with the power to heal people’s hearts and creates warm empathy in different cities.More than 30 Henglong food restaurants have entered the “Cloud menu”, and Tianjin has entered the “Cloud food generation”. There are many special restaurants in Tianjin Henglong Plaza, which was a popular place for people to dine together before the epidemic.Recently, considering the safety of customers’ dining, Tianjin Henglong Plaza launched the cloud shopping activity of “Delicious as you eat anywhere”. Customers can directly order Henglong food through the takeout platform or store contacts. More than 20 restaurants, special snacks, milk tea, dessert and so on participate in the cloud shopping of food.Tianjin Henglong Plaza also cooperated with the launch of “10 yuan group 20” to “66 yuan group 100 yuan” of various food group purchase activities.In addition to food, during the “live up to the good food” activity, Tianjin Henglong Plaza also launched gold jewelry 1600 yuan group 2000 yuan, tide brand 80 yuan group 100 yuan and other group buying activities, so that everyone can enjoy delicious and trendy new products without leaving home.This is an ERA of POPULAR IP, and many consumption behaviors are derived from planting grass for some IP.”Not good to eat light” during the activity, tianjin hang lung plaza to Chen Xiaotao based on the creation of the creative elements, creating developed: custom glass, custom brooch, custom stickers, custom table mat mouse pad and so on a series of peripheral products, and in various forms, customers can through the WeChat game, consumption quota, and other things get these lovely sprout.In addition to food group purchase, the consumption of the full amount will have the opportunity to draw prizes: Dior accompanying fragrance, GUCCI lipstick and other beauty luxury products, consumption of the full amount will also get Ole’s supermarket vouchers and other gifts.A series of exquisite gifts have rekindled expectations for fashion and helped lift the spring mood in Tianjin.Tianjin Hang Long Plaza has been committed to creating a unique experience for its members. During the “Live up to the Good Food and Light” activity, it also launched a series of multi-point activities and service privileges for different industries.Full consumption of different categories can enjoy up to 6 times points, or brand consumption cards and other courtesy.For hang Lung club members, Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza also launched a series of cross-business benefits.Hang Long club designated level members can enjoy a 75% discount on food and drinks at The Ritz-Carlton Tianjin Buffet and FLAIR Bar.Tianjin Henglong Plaza contributes exquisite life model to the city through popular food, fashion, sports, taste of life, bright jewelry and other different dimensions, while conveying a positive attitude towards life.In 2020, wuhan outbreak of the epidemic, Chen Xiaotao created “hot and dry noodles refuelling” series of cartoons caused the whole of China’s warm heart resonance in early 2022 Tianjin epidemic repeated, Chen Xiaotao created again, refuelling for home “live up to the good food light”, drawn by the new generation of cartoonist Chen Xiaotao,”Live up to the good Food” series of super value group purchase, with food as the original heart and exquisite life as the radius, set off a spring carnival “Live up to the good Food” period members enjoy multiple points, online participation in the game “Food Light flipping joy” have the opportunity to win around IP