Panda Yunpin received tens of millions of yuan pre-A round of financing, funded by Sequoia China Sub-fund

2022-08-15 0 By

February 10 reports today, the domestic basic position digital recruitment service platform Panda Yunpin announced the completion of pre-A round of financing, the current round of capital for Sequoia China seed fund, financing amount of tens of millions of yuan, this round of capital will be invested in the company’s business team expansion, digital recruitment products research and development investment and other aspects.It is understood that Panda Yunpin, founded in 2019, has built a recruitment service platform for basic positions and realized the standardization and digitalization of batch recruitment.At present, Panda Yunpin’s recruitment services mainly focus on two industries, namely Internet and modern service industry, both of which have a large number of basic job opportunities.During the whole recruitment process, Panda Cloud obtained c-terminal resources through public domain and private domain. Panda Cloud brain extracted candidates’ basic portraits and interview data into different labels and distributed them to r-terminal recruitment consultants after AI matching.Furthermore, a standardized digital product and onboarding service is delivered to the enterprise side.This product enables all candidates and interviewers to remotely complete the recruitment process, which covers the steps from invitation to interview to entry, and improves the overall recruitment management efficiency by more than 30%.It is worth mentioning that, based on the tag-based precipitation of data in the recruitment process of a wide range of candidates, combined with the characteristics of high mobility of basic positions, Panda Cloud Brain can continuously realize the accurate re-promotion of people and posts, thus continuously improving the efficiency of people and posts matching.At present, panda Yunpin has about 150 customers, all of which are leading enterprises in the new economy industry.