Shi Taifeng presided over the fifth meeting of the Regional Committee of Comprehensive law-based governance

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On March 23, the Fifth meeting of the Regional Committee of The Party Committee of The Autonomous Region for The Comprehensive Rule of Law was held to review relevant documents and study and make arrangements for key work on the construction of the rule of law.Shi Taifeng, secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and director of the Autonomous Region Party Committee of overall rule by law, presided over and delivered a speech.Wang Lixia and Ding Xiufeng, deputy directors of the Autonomous Region Party Committee of the Comprehensive rule by law district Committee, attended the meeting.At the meeting, they listened to reports on the work of the committee in 2021, deliberated on the main points of work of the Committee in 2022, listened to reports on the work of coordination groups on legislation, law enforcement, judicial affairs, compliance with the law and popularization of the law, and listened to reports on the fulfillment of the primary responsibility of leading officials of certain regions and departments in advancing the rule of law.The meeting affirmed the new progress and achievements made in the comprehensive rule of law in the region in recent years, and made an in-depth analysis of the gaps and deficiencies in the rule of law construction in the region.The meeting stressed that the relevant departments at all levels from the political and the height of the global important status and role of the construction of the deep understanding of the rule of law, the study and implement the rule of law thoughts and xi xi general secretary in Inner Mongolia important speech spirit of the important instructions instructions, and implement the rule of law construction of “two outline a plan” to unify,With a higher stance, stricter standards and more concrete measures, we will promote the comprehensive governance of the district in accordance with the law, give full play to the role of the rule of law in consolidating the foundation, stabilizing expectations, and benefiting the long-term, and better transform the institutional advantages of law-based governance into governance efficiency, thus providing a strong legal guarantee for promoting the development of various undertakings in the district.The meeting stressed that to seize the key for the quality, further promote scientific legislation, democratic legislation, in accordance with the legislation, in strict accordance with the legislative competence, legislative procedures, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, energy and food security, ecological civilization, digital economy, the people’s livelihood, and other important areas of legislation, strengthen the pertinence, applicability and maneuverability of legislation.To vigorously promote fair justice, focus on the masses reflect strong multiple, stubborn, typical problems of fierce medicine treatment of rotch, grasp the source, enhance the initiative to open, accept supervision of consciousness, so that the people in every judicial case can feel fairness and justice.We will continue to rectify problems that are difficult to enforce, take a zero-tolerance approach to corruption, and effectively safeguard the authority and credibility of the judiciary.Will focus on the rule of law government construction hard, standardize the procedures of administrative decision-making, and to strengthen the construction of government honesty, fair and civilized law enforcement is strictly regulated, equal protection of ownership enterprise property rights according to law, punish those fees and fines, levies, push forward the humanized law enforcement and flexible law enforcement, law enforcement sunshine, to doing business rule by law.We need to make solid efforts to build a society under the rule of law, organize the implementation of the plan for popularizing the law during the Eighth Five-Year Plan period, and strictly implement the responsibility system for ensuring that law enforcement is enforced by law enforcement, so as to constantly raise the awareness and literacy of the rule of law among all citizens.Leading officials at all levels should take the lead in establishing the guidance of handling affairs in accordance with the law, establish “clear rules” and break “hidden rules” for the whole society, so that those who abide by the law can hold their heads high, and those who break the law and lose their moral integrity cannot take a step.We should give full play to the important role of the rule of law in resolving conflicts and disputes, encourage more forces of the rule of law to guide and ease disputes, improve the “one-stop” mediation and resolution mechanism for social disputes, deepen the governance of litigation sources, and prevent and resolve the sources of conflicts and disputes.The meeting stressed that Party committees at all levels should reflect the strengthening of the Party’s leadership in the whole process and all aspects of the rule of law, and that leading officials of the Party and government should earnestly fulfill their primary responsibility for promoting the rule of law, play the role of “sharp sword” in the supervision of the rule of law, and make the rule of law an important part of the inspection of officials.We will take stronger measures and better mechanisms to push forward the implementation of all tasks in the area of comprehensive law-based governance.The office of the Committee and all coordination groups should give full play to their functions and functions to ensure the implementation of the decisions and work requirements of the Committee.Leading officials at all levels should be better able to use the rule of law thinking and approach to solve problems, and always think, make decisions and handle matters in accordance with the rule of law.The meeting was attended by members of the Regional Committee of Comprehensive Law-based Governance and other coordination groups.Source: Pentium Media wechat official account