Agricultural distribution Mianchi County branch successfully completed the operation of large centralized online task

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Henan Economic Daily reporter Yang Lei correspondent Fan Yange agricultural distribution Mianchi County branch attaches great importance to, meticulously completed the work issued by the branch office, successfully completed the operation of the national centralized online task.Attach great importance to and seriously organize drills and simulations.Operating the centralization business online after deployment, attaches great importance to the leadership, to organize and coordinate all related departments to seriously ZongFenXing video training, office workers to do a good job of logistics fully, departments a clear division of responsibilities, selling pace up and down, formed a whole and the engagement with collaborative working environment.Next, match strong match neat cabinet face personnel.Counter staff are composed of the backbone who participated in the 2019 new core business system online work. Based on the training of the superior bank, the staff of the bank will study and discuss again spontaneously, solve the questions before business processing, and treat the exercise as official online.Through the joint efforts of leading cadres of the bank, the bank achieved the highest pass rate among participating institutions in the province on the day of the first round of drill, and the completion rate and pass rate of the following two rounds of drill both reached 100%.Overall arrangement, according to the node orderly development.In strict accordance with the time and nodes arranged by the head office and branch office, the bank shall do account clearing, seal filing, online material preparation, important items clearing, customer department post configuration, account establishment, management and customer relationship and site data reporting, etc.All departments of the bank are ready, closely cooperate, and operate in strict accordance with the instructions in the online link.Finally, under the joint efforts of the leadership of the superior bank and the cadres and employees of the whole bank, the centralized online operation of the whole country was successfully completed.The bank will take this operation as an opportunity to strictly implement the concept of “customer-centered”, strengthen the awareness of “one bank”, share resources of “one bank”, and comprehensively improve customer experience and service quality.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: