“Four Seasons fellow Lei Feng, Hometown learn from Lei Feng” Lei Feng volunteers in Huaihua carried out activities to send warmth and health to students

2022-08-16 0 By

Which news dispatch (reporter Li Jinxin correspondent He Xiao into) as the positive response to the central, provincial, municipal government in 2022 during the Chinese New Year’s day extensive theme “the four seasons, learn lei feng lei feng hometown” volunteer service activities, to push the new era of civilization practice work, vigorously promote and develop new age lei feng’s spirit, on February 8,The Communist Youth League Huaihua Municipal Committee, Huaihua City civilization office, Huaihua Municipal United Front Work Department, Huaihua Civil Affairs Bureau, Huaihua City Education Bureau, Huaihua City Federation of industry and commerce, Huaihua city youth care Association, Huaihua Shuxin Hospital and other units jointly carried out the “inspirational youth care plan” for inspirational youth education to send warm health activities.Activities, the communist youth league, which the secretary of the municipal party committee of sembcorp led volunteers to lei feng “inspiring young” home visits condolences, for 10 “young” self-help each issued 1000 yuan scholarship and the first New Year clothes, quilts, rice sympathy supplies such as Spring Festival, and for the “young” self-help and home of the old man was carried out by measuring blood glucose, blood pressure and other health check program.It is understood that huaihua “inspirational youth care plan” project main content is:To save themselves, or through the student children graduated from college, lei feng volunteers “four to help a company’s growth,” winter camp studies to accompany, safety education, medical treatment, cultivate their independence, the protector and social adaptation ability, sets up the correct life values, ensure the smooth finish school, troubled children equal happiness health growth.The project since the huaihua city youth care association was incorporated in October 2017, the communist youth league, which municipal party committee and municipal government, municipal party committee united front work department, civil affairs bureau, the city education bureau, municipal rural revitalization of the bureau, city federation of industry and commerce, city association of disabled persons’ federation, the city youth care departments jointly organized, for the fifth year of this project this year, a total of funding sympathy 969 person-time,A total of 3.06 million yuan has been collected and donated.