Industrial Bank Zibo Kailuiyuan Community Branch to carry out consumer protection publicity activities

2022-08-16 0 By

Recently, Industrial Bank Zibo Kailuiyuan Community Branch launched a series of publicity activities, further popularize the rights and responsibilities of financial consumers and risk awareness, to create a harmonious financial environment.First, in the salon activities, the staff improved the enthusiasm of financial consumers by means of question and answer with prizes and points for gifts. The atmosphere of the activity was very active. Many customers not only participated in the activity happily, but also learned a lot of financial knowledge and enriched their knowledge and skills.We issued financial knowledge publicity leaflets, focusing on the anti-counterfeiting of RMB, preventing telecom fraud, online payment security and other financial knowledge, and patiently accept public consultation.Second, the bank staff carried out marketing activities in enterprises, supermarkets and vegetable markets to expand publicity and actively popularize knowledge related to finance.It introduces the rights of financial consumers in detail, fully respects and guarantees financial consumers’ property safety, right to know, right to choose independently, right to fair trade, right to education, right to information security, right to seek compensation according to law, right to be respected, and keeps away from illegal fund-raising and preventing financial fraud.Societe generale zibo kerry park community branch through vivid case told financial consumers shall have the power to exercise way, resolve disputes and channels, and the ways to complaints, to strengthen the education of consumer financial risk responsibility consciousness, in turn, help financial consumers to increase alertness, consciously away from and illegal financial activities,Financial consumers should be guided to conduct risk self-assessment and choose appropriate financial products and services according to their risk tolerance and risk characteristics of relevant products.