“Keep Shanghai alliance” online around the supplies have arrived in Shanghai

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Guangming network news (reporter Yang Yanan, Zhao Yanyan) for days, a vegetable, a box of supplies…Supplies from the Yangtze River Delta region and other parts of the country have arrived in Shanghai, working together to fight the epidemic!More than 38,000 medical workers have been dispatched from 15 provinces and 2.38 million tubes of nucleic acid testing have been mobilized to support Shanghai, according to the medical administration bureau of the National Health Commission.According to incomplete statistics from the agricultural and rural departments of Jiangsu Province, on April 5 alone, 891 tons of vegetables and fruits, 205 tons of meat, 442 tons of eggs and 316 tons of rice and noodles were supplied to Shanghai.A cold-chain logistics truck from Ningxia hui Autonomous Region leaves Guyuan city for Shanghai on April 5, 2019.Among them: 220 tons of carrots, kale, baby vegetables, tomatoes and other vegetables, and has been sorted and packed into 26,000 pieces in foam boxes.On April 4, a special train for 11,726 supplies sent from Hebei province to Shanghai was formed by 47 trucks, carrying 1,250 tons of milk, instant noodles, fruit syrup and other supplies to ensure people’s livelihood.On April 4, the convoy loaded with supplies to support Shanghai from Fujian province arrived at sf Express transit center in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, and completed the material handover with Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce.The goods weigh 770 tons, a total of 100,000 pieces, have been packed into living bags.Source: CCTV News, China Daily, China Economic Net, Sky News, etc.Source: CCTV News, China Daily, China Economic Net, Sky News, etc.Source: Guangming Network source: Guangming network