The new operation plan of the Yangtze River Delta railway will be implemented from April 8

2022-08-16 0 By

A new train operation chart will be put into effect across China from midnight on April 8.The Yangtze River Delta Railway further optimized and adjusted the train operation scheme by taking advantage of the change of transportation resources brought by the opening of the new huang-Huang section of Fu-Huang High-speed railway.Located in Huanggang city in northeastern Hubei Province, the Huanghuang (Huanggang to Huangmei) section of the Fuhuang (Fuyang to Huanggang) high-speed railway runs from Huanggang East Station of Wugang Intercity Railway in the west to Huangmei East Station of Beijing-Hong Kong High-speed Railway in the east, with a designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour.After the operation of the Huang-Huang section of the Fu-Huang High-speed railway, the first direct passenger train will be opened between Anqing, Tongling and Hubei province, and major cities in the Yangtze River Delta, such as Shanghai-Nanjing and Hangzhou, will be connected with Hubei province on the basis of the existing Hezhou-Wuhan and Hening-Nanjing high-speed railways.After the map adjustment, 10 pairs of EMU trains started through huanghuang section of Fuhuang High-speed Railway, including 6 pairs of additional EMU trains and 4 pairs of adjusted operation sections.In view of the characteristics of passenger flow in the ninth section of Beijing-Hong Kong high-speed railway, the new plan adds two pairs of trains, namely, G9519/20 from Hefei south to Huangmeidong and G9521/2 from Hefei South to Susong East, to meet the travel needs of passenger flow between Huangmei, Susong and Hefei in peak hours.To meet the travel needs of the passenger flow between Hefei and Xuancheng and Huangshan, and between Hangzhou and Lishui and Wenzhou during peak hours, one pair of the G9293/4 peak line from Hefei south to Xuancheng will be added, which will run through Hefu and Hehang high-speed railway lines.Add one pair of G9509/10 times gaofeng line from Hefei south to Huangshan north, run through Hefu high-speed railway line;Add one pair of G9311/2 peak line from Hangzhou east to Pingyang, run through Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway, Jinzhou-Wenzhou line, Hangzhou-Shenzhen line.Starting from 8 am on April 2, China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. resumed the sale of passenger train tickets starting from April 8 to 15.Tickets on April 16 and later will be sold for 15 days according to the original starting time of ticket sales through various channels.Source: Anhui Daily news submission email: Editor: Hu Xiaomiao second instance: Xu Haisheng final instance: Jin Yimei