Why didn’t Yang Liwei, China’s first astronaut, return to space?Reason: God five sacrifice too much!

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At 9 o ‘clock on October 15, 2003, the Shenzhou V spacecraft blasted off from jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.This is the first manned spacecraft launched in China’s manned space program.This launch has realized the thousand-year flying wish of the Chinese nation.As the first astronaut of new China, Yang Liwei has attracted a lot of attention.As we all know, the difficult screening conditions for astronauts of various countries are far higher than the air force pilots.The selection of fighter pilots in the Air Force can be said to be one in a hundred, and a C visual acuity chart can eliminate a large number of candidates.The selection of astronauts, so to speak, is to choose among fighter pilots, which can be said to be one out of ten thousand.Because in addition to having a strong physical quality, but also need a strong psychological quality, adaptability.Astronauts need to leave the earth to live and work in a strange environment.That’s why they say gold is equal volume.This series of complete, ordinary people unimaginable training down.Only astronauts who have achieved excellent results in physical indicators and psychological tests can be selected.However, many netizens wonder why Yang Liwei never returned to space after his successful return to Earth.The reasons for this have been debated.Today, 19 years later, Shenzhou V has brought many questions, such as the 26-second sound of terror.Under layers of fog, the truth has not been uncovered, today let xiaobian lead you to understand that year, happened in shenzhou V above those things.The take-off and landing of Shenzhou V did not go as smoothly as everyone expected.According to the official disclosure of China’s space ministry later, Shenzhou V was limited by the technological level at that time, and it was the first manned space flight in China, so there was no basis, data or experience for reference.During the take-off phase, when the rocket was just launched, the instruments showed that everything was normal.When it reaches the second stage, 30 kilometers above the surface, it begins to accelerate.Followed by a violent shake, Yang Liwei felt a huge pressure suddenly hit.At the same time, the live picture on the TV suddenly stopped for a few seconds.For the rest of us, it’s just a very short moment.But for Yang Liwei in the fifth cabin of god at this time, it is a moment of life and death.Suddenly encountered violent shaking, the intensity of training far beyond the maximum intensity.In his later memories, Yang liwei said: “I felt a violent shaking, as if my body had been broken into pieces.For him, the pain of the vibrations had brought him a feeling of near death.Between life and death, if the shaking does not stop, it is highly likely to die on the spot.For him, he was alone in the air, out of the ship, with no one to help him.And he wasn’t sure when the wobble would stop.In the end, Yang liwei withstood the pain that tore his body and made it through with superhuman will.After returning to the ground, Yang immediately reported to the headquarters that the spacecraft’s oscillation lasted 26 seconds and then began to ease.Experts after analysis and detection of the conclusion: at low frequency, the spaceship oscillation frequency will form resonance with the human body;Therefore, the life of astronauts can be threatened at any time.In the subsequent Shenzhou series of spacecraft design, space science and technology personnel took this into account in advance.Inside subsequent spacecraft, engineers installed different types of shock absorbers.However, in 2003, our technology was backward and we had no relevant experience. All the designs were based on previous Settings and simulation results.Therefore, Yang liwei’s space exploration is full of all unknown risks. It can be said that he used his life to explore the way for China’s space career and accumulate a series of experience for China’s space exploration.Through the most difficult years.When he returned to earth, it was the knock on the door that had been so controversial.When Yang liwei returned to Earth, he always heard knocking on the door in space, which made him very frightened in the space alone, this question has been a variety of speculation along with everyone.A few years later, as our technology improved, the official secrets began to be revealed and the reason for the knock was finally revealed.It turned out that all this was caused by the temperature difference.The temperature outside the spacecraft is minus 270 degrees absolute zero, while inside the spacecraft, a temperature control system is used for the survival of astronauts.This created a temperature difference of several hundred degrees from outer space, and there was no way to avoid the thermal expansion and contraction caused by high and low temperatures under the materials of the spacecraft at the time.The knock Yang heard was the sound of the spacecraft’s outer structure changing due to low temperatures.Chinese scientists in the determination, because of thermal expansion and contraction caused by the deformation of the spacecraft, have been haunted.If the material outside the spacecraft had not been strong enough to withstand the huge pressure caused by the temperature difference, Yang might have died on the spot in the re-entry capsule if the entire spacecraft had been deformed or broken.This knock on the door, let the Chinese scientists research for a full 10 years, constantly updated the latest material.Now, the problem has been solved perfectly.Spaceflight is a highly difficult project, which requires continuous accumulation of experience and improvement.Because, scientists have to pay for their own research results, but also for the astronauts in the spacecraft.Both times, though only for a few seconds, the real scene was unusually sinister.In subsequent television broadcasts, hero Yang Liwei was seen exiting the capsule holding the national flag.But careful netizens noticed that traces of blood could be seen faintly at the corners of Yang’s mouth.At that time in the life and death of 26 seconds, Yang Liwei had felt that he was dying, viscera resonance, by a huge impact, even once ready to sacrifice for the country.It had a huge impact on his physical and mental health.As China’s first astronaut into space, Yang Liwei was awarded the title of “space hero”.Nineteen years passed and Yang liwei never went into space as an astronaut again.The damage caused by that resonance is no longer allowed by the current physical condition, and it is difficult to deal with the high-intensity space accident.As the first person in China’s space history, the pioneer, the sacrifice can not be said to be small.For these heroes dedicated to China’s space industry, xiaobian has been in awe of the heart.Because of their bravery, dare to sacrifice for the motherland, we have now strong space!During the Spring Festival, if you want to learn more about science, come to new Horizons