Chinese curling lost to defending champion!2-2 in fifth place, the promotion situation is not optimistic

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Chinese curling lost to defending champion!2-2 in fifth place, the promotion situation is not optimistic.China’s Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi take on defending champion Canada during the mixed doubles round robin at the 2022 Tokyo Olympic Games.In the last Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Canada won the gold medal. In this Beijing Winter Olympics, Canada sent two veteran athletes, including Morris, the winner of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, with super individual ability and rich experience, and homan, the partner, is also an experienced player.The first game, Fan Su yuan/Ling Zhi backhand for 1 point.In the second game, Canada scored 2 points from behind to win 2-1 on aggregate.Third game, both sides launched a fierce competition, the first three shots each three curling in the warehouse, only the fourth, the Canadian team out of the blue pot directly above the red pot, the final vote, the Canadian team is knocked down the red pot directly, and Fan Su round/LingZhi mistakes, Canada to steal two points for the cause, the total score a 4-1 lead.In the third set, Canada made a series of errors and Fansu Yuan/Ling Zhi seized the opportunity to score three points, making the overall lead 3-4.In the fifth, both sides played conservtively and Canada, with experience, saved two points for a 6-3 overall lead.In the sixth inning, both sides attacked at the same time, and both played wonderful double fly, Fan Su Yuan/Ling Zhi got one point, to make it 4-6.In the seventh inning, Fansu Yuan/Ling Zhi made an error on their last shot, giving Canada two points and an 8-4 lead.Fansu Yuan/Ling Zhi came back with two points in the eighth inning, and team Canada beat Fansu Yuan/Ling Zhi 8-6 to win their third straight game.In the process of the match, the strength gap between the two teams was still quite obvious. Fansu Yuan/Ling Zhi made a lot of mistakes in the face of the world’s top team, and the details were also a little bit worse. Meanwhile, the tactical thinking of Fansu Yuan/Ling Zhi was not clear enough, and it was easy for the opponent to disrupt the rhythm.Earlier against Sweden, Fan Su Yuan/Ling Zhi in the lead of the reversal, has exposed some problems.Fan Su round/LingZhi lose the game, with 2-2 fifth temporarily, then against the United States, Norway, England, Italy, the Czech republic, due to the large round robin for all the top 4 into the medal battle, so every game is important, behind for/LingZhi Fan Su circle, the promotion that now the situation is not optimistic.Italy has been the biggest surprise of the Winter Olympics after winning four games in a row.