German Japanese sedan PK, why lang Yi always sell but Xuan Yi?

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As we all know, market sales is the yardstick to test the “quality” of a product, so sales performance has gradually become an important consideration for many domestic users when choosing a new car.Especially the pricing of 10-200000 – yuan joint venture car market, dongfeng nissan sylphy and Shanghai Volkswagen lavida relies on the product reputation and technical experience accumulated for many years, the two models not only set a benchmark to the market at the same level of the price range, at the same time more excellent product and ratio of accelerated the competition between the height, so today we’re going to talk about,Why xuan Yi can always achieve the lead, and Lang Yi poor in which?Appearance contrast:Sylphy fashionable young, lavida mature for sylphy and lavida, both in polishing after many years in China market, now all have their respective a very typical and mature modelling design scheme, including through contrast can see obviously, generation of sylphy appearance level 14 more young people love, V – Motion design language is dynamic and tension,Lavida, on the other hand, adheres to the consistent sense of maturity and steadiness of German models, quite showing the appearance level of both family and business. Generally speaking, Lavida is not enough to attract the vast majority of young consumers before upgrading.From the side and rear also can see that the rear of the modelling of lavida slants conservative design, while the fourteenth generation sylphy main kinetic melody, floating roof and 17 inches five radial cutting wheel cooperate with the visual effect of wide-body, sylphy, so to speak more dynamic vehicle model, also can attract more young people pay attention to, this is a conservative lavida needs to change.Interior comparison:Lavida family homogeneity serious, sylphy fashion atmosphere absorb eyes in 14 sylphy car, experience can obviously be “exhibition vane integration instrument panel” attracted to create a stylish atmosphere, as the instrument panel, shift mechanism and the central armrest unibody design, cooperate with the ornament of senior and delicate texture of the lacquer that bake, high feeling and sense of science and technology has been strongly reflected,This is also the level of 10-200,000 joint venture home sedan car is not common sincerity.In contrast, cash in the sale of lavida series, its style of interior design and layout all follow the Shanghai Volkswagen was intensely, family style, although such design technique can reflect good business atmosphere and technology of the simple sense, but is young and fashionable consumption and consumption of refinement, under the trend of lavida obviously need to adjust and radical change.Spatial comparison:Lavida of conductor, high car, sylphy wheelbase, comfort level although a better positioning in the compact sedan, but with the title “nissan big sofa is easy to see that the domestic consumer preference for sylphy, thanks to its excellent seat comfort and wheelbase, like 2712 mm wheelbase brought rival advanced to the second row passenger car ride experience,Diamond-cut and quilted ergonomic seats, high-performance soundproof acoustic technology, high-performance soundproof acoustic technology and rear air outlet further enhance its cost performance and product sincerity.In terms of Lavida, the length, width and height of the models on sale are 4670mm/1806mm/1474mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2688mm. Although the wheelbase is not as dominant as That of Sylsey, the comfort of the seats and chassis adjustment with texture still make Lavida become a choice of “home and business”.In order to make a more intuitive comparison between Sylvette and Lavida, we choose two models sold at similar prices this time. Through comparison, it can be seen that Lavida is more advantageous in terms of length and height, which means it has a better sense of internal space, while Sylvette with better width and wheelbase performance,Its internal comfort can obviously attract the attention of the users of “large space”.Configuration comparison:Intelligent equipped with duration, sylphy can win more obvious contrast in terms of configuration, can clearly see the sylphy on more intelligent with sincerity, like leather steering wheel, leather seats, keyless comfortable enter or start, large size control panel even before the consumer is familiar with and lines auxiliary, parking radar, active brake light basic main passive security configuration,Selected Xuan Yi version are equipped, Lang Yi is quite inferior in the configuration of sincerity.Dynamic comparison:Sylphy driving comfort, lavida power output is stronger as the top in domestic passenger car sales and second popular models, blessing naturally aspirated sylphy powered on power output and no equipment code EA211 turbo power stronger, but under the blessing of the CVT transmission gearbox, sylphy overall driving comfort and better ride comfort,But for users who are interested in power performance and driving passion, Lavida is obviously more influential.Comparison of market potential: The future of Xiayi E-power can be expected, and the model of Lanyi sword refers to the fashion camp. Under the constant adjustment of consumption upgrading and market structure, the trend of youth has become a required course for all car enterprises at present. At the same time, how to stand firm in the era of new energy is particularly important.Therefore, in order to expand your circle of competition and competitive advantage, carrying “without charging of electric drive technology” sylphy e – POWER blockbuster hit the market, more than the hybrid electric technology advantage, certainly will in the future will be a boost sylphy family sales force, so the importance of the model is self-evident, this also let us look forward to its future performance.Similarly, SAIC Volkswagen has finally reformed Lavida. After the mid-term reform, it not only has two sets of completely different styles, but also has an entirely new intelligent cockpit, aiming its sales target at young people. It can be said that the competition between Lavida and Sylvain will be on a new level in the future.Write at the end:Overall, domestic consumers for Shanghai Volkswagen and dongfeng nissan brand has a relatively high identity, sincerity of sylphy and lavida products also have higher satisfaction, but sylphy “born” with the Japanese high resale value of aura, make it in the maintenance of the old owners at the same time and in harvest more and more new users, virtuous cycle will surely make sylphy particularly suffers bestow favor on,Of course, Lavida’s achievements in this area are not inferior, so we do not rule out the possibility of its future beyond.As for car selection recommendation, consumers who attach importance to car manufacturing technology naturally prefer Lavida, and users who prefer fashion appearance level and new energy technology recommend Xuanyi series.