There are seven ways to prove a woman’s virginity, and each one is weirder than the last

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Moriya Sand, since the emergence of.It is a word full of poetry and attracts countless reverie.So, what is the mysterious Moriya sand?Is it real or not?In order to keep the palace sand as the lead, ancient women so valued chastity, with what method to test?This article will unveil the mysterious veil for you, take you to find out!As the representative of chastity of ancient women, “guarding palace sand” existed, which was a practice of ancient people, but lacked scientific basis.The records of “shou Gong sand” can be traced back to the qin and Han literatures, mostly recorded in the books of the immortals and monsters of the practitioners of the technique, and slowly appeared in some medical codes.According to the literature, as early as in the Han Dynasty of China (Changsha Mawangdui Han tomb unearthed “health square”) in the inspection of virginity, that is, the so-called “shou Gong sand” prescription: “lizards or named ting, to keep it, to eat vermilion, all red body.He ate up seven jin.Ye Pound million pestle, point woman body, year round is not destroyed, only the house is reduced, so the number of shou palace “.In addition, according to the Jin Dynasty “History of Natural history” records, if with cinnery feeding gecko, gecko will become red, eat 7 jin cinnery, the gecko pound ten thousand times, and then used to point dyed the body of the woman, the color will not fade, until men and women after the marriage, the color will disappear, the ancients called it “keep palace sand”.In fact, the word “guarding the palace” was not used on women at the beginning, nor did it refer to women’s chastity.Shou Gong first appeared in Er Ya. Gong refers to buildings and houses. Because geckos often appeared in the houses, it was called Shou Gong, which means “auspicious animals guarding the palace”.Later, “Gong” specifically refers to the emperor, harem, “shou Gong” became the meaning of guarding the imperial harem.”Shou Gong” and “shou Gong sand” have an unclear relationship.In the Song Dynasty, with the rise of Neo-Confucianism, the imperial court for the emperor’s selection of concubines, followed the practice of “guarding the palace sand”, to be selected by the women on the body of “guarding the palace sand”, as a symbol of purity, this practice spread in the folk.Following the practice of the imperial court, the literators of the people put a bright red mole on the girl’s white lotus root like arm to prove a woman’s chastity, and the meaning of “guarding the palace” gradually became the meaning of guarding the beauty of the woman.Thus, “shou Gong sha” does exist in ancient times, but it is more as a fashion, is a reflection of the ancient women as men’s private goods, lack of scientific basis.However, “Shou Gong sha” from the side reflects that ancient people attach importance to female chastity, also derived a lot of “strange” methods to test female chastity.Let’s take a look.02 In ancient times, there were two terms “losing one’s virginity” and “losing one’s morality”.”Chastity loss” refers to a woman who does not keep her chastity, has sex before marriage or outside marriage, and another woman remarries or is raped, which is also chastity loss. For a woman, chastity loss is more serious than losing her life.”Devirtue” refers to a man. A man who has a relationship with a woman other than his wife is considered devirtue, which is not nearly as serious as losing his virginity.Thus, “virginity loss” is a chain imposed on women.So how do people tell if a woman has lost her virginity?1. Body test.It is recorded in Feng Menglong’s “Xingshiheng Yan” that the ancients would specially invite a stable woman to examine the body of a woman before marriage.A midwife is a midwife, or a married female relative on her husband’s side or a designated married woman who performs a physical examination.Find a quiet place, unmarried women in addition to all clothes, by the stable woman through the means similar to a full body examination, to judge whether the woman has experienced sex, so as to get the conclusion of whether the woman is a virgin.2. Check for red drops.Although the observation of the stable woman is more detailed, there are still omissions and even misjudgments in the physical examination, so ancient people would judge the existence of a woman’s chastity according to whether a woman’s marriage is completed or not.When the ancients completed their marriage, they would specially prepare a white cloth and put it on the bed. After sex, they observed whether there was falling red on the white cloth.This is newly married the second day, the family is most concerned about the matter, is also the newly married woman the most nervous thing, this is related to the woman’s life reputation.However, this method also has disadvantages, a virgin body is not necessarily 100 percent of the red, two can be faked.For example, it is recorded in “Xingshi Hengyan” that a woman would prepare a piece of white cloth dyed with chicken blood in advance and “steal the day” in the middle of the night to distinguish the fake from the real.3. Watch faces.In the Story of the Western Chamber, Zhang Sheng and Cui Yingying, after they get married, praise “the beauty of spring, which is full of breasts and broad eyebrows.”Refers to the wife eyebrow and front beautiful, is a virgin body.Jin Shengtan commented at the bottom of the two verses in the Romance of the Western Chamber that observing the shape of a woman’s eyebrows and front is the way to judge her chastity.This method is also recorded in “Reading micro Cottage Notes”, which shows that Ji Xiaolan is also well versed in this way.4. A blood test.Ancient people also used a woman’s blood to determine whether she was a virgin.It is recorded in the book “Insect-ming Diffuse Record” in the Qing Dynasty that “a female puppet of a certain family and neighbors seldom gather together and meet…….Bethon on the difference between men and women should avoid suspicion.The next day, aunt dokong intervened on the island and ordered her to island. Dripping blood in the water, she felt like beads. Surprise said: Blood does not come into the water.Her aunt said, “Your body should be like this.”Female laugh of, cover in order to dispel disliking ear.”It can be seen that the ancients believed that the blood of the perfect woman would coagulate into beads and not dissipate after dropping into water.Sneeze wind.Ancient people also thought of the “bizarre” practice of making women stand naked facing a brazier.Then the woman’s nose is stimulated with feathers or other objects to make her sneeze. If the wind from her lower abdomen blows away the ashes from the brazier when she sneezes, she is not a virgin.6. Horseshoe soil.In the secret Art Sea written by Wang Han in the early republic of China, the mysterious art is a wonderful way of opening the door: “Try women’s virginity and adultery, orientated to the east of the horseshoe soil, hidden in the collar, if there is external affection, it is exposed in the words, otherwise should not”.This method is also strange, must be selected east of the horse hoof trodden earth, and then hidden under the woman’s collar, to observe, there is no basis.The postscript above introduces several methods of ancient people to verify the chastity of women. It can be seen that almost all of them are unfounded practices, but also the spiritual shackles imposed on women, which are a symbol of the inequality between men and women.