Vernacular prose: pig’s foot ginger vinegar

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I miss my mother’s pork foot ginger vinegar on this cold winter day.Pig’s foot ginger vinegar is made with pig’s foot, old ginger, black vinegar and egg in clay pot. It is a traditional food here to keep out the cold.When I was a child, every cold winter, despite the lack of material, my mother always tried to cook a pig’s foot ginger vinegar.When I came back from school, I could smell the rich, sour and sweet taste of pig’s foot ginger vinegar before I got to my door.Then all the chill seemed to disappear.Walking into the house, my mother had filled a bowl of steaming pork feet ginger vinegar on the table.Put down the bag, under the mother’s loving gaze, eating thick pig feet ginger vinegar, as if eating the world’s most delicious delicious, that is the happiest time of childhood.Grown up, left home, in a foreign winter, can not eat the mother pot of pork feet ginger vinegar.The sour and sweet pork foot ginger vinegar, it became a good memory of the bottom of my heart.After getting married, I had my own small family and was turning around in POTS and pans every day. Gradually, I forgot the ginger vinegar of pig’s feet.Only in the cold winter will I think of the pig’s foot ginger vinegar that I once thought was the world’s most delicious.So, I called my mother for advice on how to cook pork feet ginger vinegar.Following my mother’s instructions, I bought the pig’s feet, ginger, black vinegar and eggs, and boiled them slowly in a clay pot.It is usually boiled for three hours before it can be eaten.Maybe I haven’t learned enough kung fu yet. The pig’s foot ginger vinegar I cooked by myself looks similar to my mother’s, but the taste is still not good enough.Not long ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of food stalls selling pig’s feet, ginger and vinegar springing up on cold winter evenings.The sellers are usually old women of the same age as their mothers, with a kind face like their mothers.A row of erwa POTS were neatly propped up along the street, and the pork feet, ginger and vinegar bubbled with fragrance and heat.I sat down at the food stall with a kind of joy of revisiting old memories and ordered a bowl of pig’s foot ginger vinegar. I ate it slowly and happily recalled eating it as a child.Maybe because my mother didn’t cook it, I don’t think this pig’s foot ginger vinegar tastes as good as it used to.Then, for no reason, I felt a burst of loss.After mother died of illness, I could no longer eat the pig’s foot ginger vinegar she cooked.I miss my mother’s pork feet and ginger vinegar.Perhaps, I miss not only the delicious pig’s foot ginger vinegar, I miss, as well as pork foot ginger vinegar thick, thick thick affection.Review: Luo Rongjun brief comment: the taste of home, the taste of mother, is a person’s life unforgettable memory and memory.Author: Ye Shuilan, born in Xinxing County, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, member of Yunfu Writers Association, a woman who works hard and lives happily, her works have been seen in provincial and municipal newspapers and networks for many years.Editor: a headline daily works preferred paper journal “China village” magazine, which is free of charge, free of postal gift sample magazine contribution must be original first, submission email: Statement: this article is zhongxiang Beauty original works, without permission, shall not be reproduced.