Changde West Lake: Real care for special groups to send warm blessing before the festival

2022-08-18 0 By

Before the festival, The Family Planning Association of Changde West Lake visited the site of condolence activities.Rednet moment Changde January 26 – (correspondent Zhang Yongqing) In the morning of January 26, Changde City West Lake management district family planning association organized the Spring Festival “grassroots to send warmth to send blessings” visit condolence activities.Area WeiJian bureau deputy director, vice President of family planning association Xia Jianfei led related working personnel of the 63 family planning special difficult family objects for the first visits condolences, take cold in the rain to come send warm to send blessings, make sure that the west lake district district party committee, district management committee issued by caring about the money amount distributed to each family planning extremely needy object.On the same day, the district family planning association and a group of people in the town, village related association personnel, in-depth visit xihu town Xingang village family planning poor families, on behalf of the Party and the government to send real care funds, ask about cold and warm, with the object of a cordial conversation.In advocating harmony, peace, fashion, civilized holiday new fashion at the same time, and extend holiday greetings and best wishes.When they came to the home of Xie Shengtang and Xie Meirong, the family objects of the singlechild family in Xingang Village, the old couple received two sets of condolence money in both hands. They excitedly thanked the party and the government for their sincere care and love.With the arrival of the Spring Festival, The West Lake Management District of Changde city pays special attention to families with special family planning difficulties in the whole district. Every year, it continues to implement special funds for families with special family planning difficulties to effectively solve their special difficulties in life before the Festival.District Family planning association, health bureau and grassroots related organizations are also in place.It is also reported that the people’s government of xizhou township in this area also visited 11 people with special difficulties in family planning.The visit and condolence activities of the Family Planning Association of Changde Xihu Management District have provided great consolation for the poor families in this area. The festival has brought economic security and added a joyful atmosphere. The sincere care has made them feel the warmth of the Party and government.