Nanjing parks, sprint “a good start”!

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With the strong spirit of “being on the road all the time”, the project has been striving to achieve a breakthrough in attracting new members to the project, snatching up the new opportunities of the “metauniverse” and arranging a new track of “digital economy”.The pace of the Spring Festival is approaching in the city’s parks, still visible busy scene??Since the beginning of 2022, the industrial parks, as the “main battlefield” of the city’s economic construction, have adhered to the prevention and control of the epidemic, vigorously promoted economic development, and made all-out efforts to “make a good start” with the attitude of “starting is running”.Near the Spring Festival, in the office of investment Promotion Department of Liuhe Economic Development Zone, two “teams” of 15 investment promotion personnel, or busy sorting out investment promotion information, or without stopping to negotiate with customers about the landing of projects.According to Liu Yufeng, head of the investment promotion Department, not long ago, Oriental Gene, a leading enterprise in the field of in vitro diagnosis in China and a listed enterprise on the science and Technology Innovation Board in 2020, welcomed the “good start” of investment promotion by locating the medical testing instrument project in the Development Zone. “At present, we are working hard to dock another project and try to sign the contract after the Spring Festival.”Wang Jing, deputy director of development Zone Management Committee.On January 21, Jiangning Development Zone held the release of “jiangning 2.3 hundred Lake silicon Alley” and Nanjing Digital industry and Industrial Internet Development Forum.Photo source:Jiangning information release site green cloud, arnhem, cool technology such as the first ten projects signed in “lake jiangning 2.3 hundred alley” involving a total investment of 3 billion yuan of industrial frontier fields such as Internet, digital platform, intelligent manufacture with strong innovation leading force will add new vigor to economic development park digital layout for the new project, take “the new track” valley of China (nanjing) software.Photo taken by Feng Peng, journalist of Nanbaorong Media, the other day, in the park of Software Gurun and Creative Intelligence Center, young software talents were busy either in front of the working table or gathering in the conference room to carry out “brainstorming”.”On January 26, we celebrated the certification that HiHopeOS became the first software release certified for OpenHarmony compatibility.”According to CAI Liang, the relevant person in charge of Runhe software, the system can quickly support the Internet of Things terminal to realize OpenHarmony capability application to empower thousands of lines and hundreds of industries. Zhou Hongwei, chairman and president of Runhe Software, said that he would increase investment in research and development to realize more IT underlying framework with independent intellectual property rights and multi-level application to form a free and open ecology.Ensure that key technology independent controllable take photo source: “the new track” expand new industry building built his powers to broadcast in the high-tech zone of millet technology project construction site more than 20 workers in east China headquarters is in the steel structure welding and ground material neat “at present, A, B block has entered the main structure construction stage, is expected to complete curtain wall construction at the end of this year.”Xiaomi mobile software Co., LTD. Nanjing branch general manager Zhou Zhiling introduced.With a total construction area of 365,000 square meters, the project will build an industrial cluster of intelligent hardware, mobile Internet, ecological chain and related services with scientific and technological innovation business as the core, helping Jianye grow bigger and stronger “digital economy”. Besides the “acceleration” of project construction, the effect picture of Lishui Campus of Nanjing Forestry University in Nanjing National Agricultural High Zone is also seen.Nanjing high national agriculture area for figure as last January 28, concrete pouring finish high in the agriculture area core LiShui campus of nanjing forestry university subject structure comprehensive caps will build the project by the high-end research and development institutions agglomeration and into the forefront of the institute of scientific and technological innovation to promote construction of state key laboratory of national technology innovation center Wang Chun Taken during the Spring Festival is not shut down,Production of non-stop wafer thin, chip mount……Series process filed out of pieces of wafer after this is in DE semiconductor technology co., LTD., jiangsu core production workshop of the testing companies located in pukou economic development zone of chip packages the lunar New Year holiday adhere to the “not close” “at present, the company has entered the stage of mass production, order, there will be 400 employees work on the lunar New Year holiday.”Zhang Guodong, chairman of Xinde Semiconductor, said the company’s revenue reached 50 million yuan last year and is expected to grow by multiple to 550 million yuan this year.The Spring Festival does not stop to strive for the whole year red Nanjing Jiangbei New Area new material science and technology Park.On the eve of the Spring Festival in Nanjing Jiangbei New material science and Technology Park of Nanjing Chengzhi Yongqing Energy Technology Co., Ltd. production is still busy in the central control room, the operator closely monitoring the data on the large screen, from time to time with walkie-talkie to guide the field workers to adjust parameters;In the production area, workers patrol back and forth, once they receive instructions from the background, they rush to deal with it in the first time.”During the Spring Festival holiday, all the machines can’t stop and the staff can’t stop.”Sun Hongping, executive vice president of the company, introduced that the company mainly produces ethylene, propylene and butadiene, which are basic chemical raw materials and supply downstream enterprises in the park.About 220 of a 270-strong workforce will stay on during the holiday to keep production lines running at full capacity.Officials in charge of the park said that they will strengthen the allocation of on-duty forces, implement the leadership shift system, and do a good job in work safety, epidemic prevention and control, material storage, transportation and other services to escort the production of enterprises.Power is open in nanjing each park sprinting to “start” | south to combine media reporter Sun Jingqing material sources Zhang xi to clean dust Li lu ShuTing Ling-yun wei Hu Yinghua correspondent ShenXiaoYu Wu Xiaoqian Build xuan cover source 丨 jun-ning wang | nest Chen shu proofreading | Qian Yiyu coordinating editor | Pan Tao