Quanzhou plans to establish more than 13 intangible cultural heritage thematic museums to cultivate more than 50 new public cultural Spaces

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Recently, quanzhou city government office issued the “14th Five-Year” Cultural and tourism Reform and Development Special Plan “(hereinafter referred to as the” plan “), determined the “14th five-year” period of quanzhou culture and tourism reform and development of the overall goal, 2035 vision, four specific goals, key indicators.According to the plan, Quanzhou will adhere to the principles of integrated development, reform and innovation, co-construction and sharing, high-quality development, and adhere to the cultural tourism, tourism to highlight culture,Model and to build the world heritage protection and utilization of urban, deepen the minnan cultural ecological reserve construction, promote the development of national demonstration area of public cultural service system innovation, promoting the construction of national culture and tourism consumption demonstration city for four specific objectives, such as in the construction of the 21st century “sea silk city” for the “difference” overall goal, to build “China’s song dynasty and yuan dynasty, Hester quanzhou” tour brand,We will promote all-round high-quality development of cultural undertakings and cultural and tourism industries.”Planning” clearly aims to build a model city for world Heritage protection and utilization, and points out that relying on 22 World Heritage sites, connecting world Heritage exhibition halls, archaeological sites, revolutionary sites, relics related to Taiwan and overseas Chinese, museums and other characteristic project resources, promote “Quanzhou:The “World Maritime Trade and Commerce Center of Song and Yuan China” cultural heritage protection and Activation Project, the Maritime Silk Road Cultural Park, the Sea Silk Culture and Art Center and the Quantong Ancient Port cultural tourism complex will be built to create a model city for world heritage protection and utilization, and better show the cultural heritage of Song and Yuan China to the world.At the same time, the cultural tourism development cooperation with neighboring hot tourist destinations and international sister cities continues to deepen, and a number of landmark projects, activity brands and boutique routes of Hisiculture tourism are created.With the world cultural heritage concentration area as the lead, the linkage of the ancient city quality improvement, new town agglomeration.To 2025 to establish more than 13 intangible cultural heritage thematic museum “Planning” proposed to deepen the construction of cultural ecological protection area in Southern Fujian, bigger and stronger cultural tourism brand in southern Fujian.Specifically, it includes promoting the construction of 21 key areas of cultural and ecological conservation areas in southern Fujian, continuing to implement the “Ten hundred thousand Foundation Project” of cultural and ecological conservation areas in southern Fujian, and supporting the construction of regional comprehensive intangible heritage museum and experience center in combination with tourist attractions and tourist centers.By 2025, China will establish more than 13 special museums for INTANGIBLE cultural heritage and more than 300 training centers for intangible cultural heritage, strive to add one world-class representative project of human cultural heritage and more than 12 national and provincial projects.Production at the same time, the prosperity of culture and art creation, to the end of “difference”, the city has to be included in the national art fund to support projects amounting to more than 10 gen (complex) row of more than 30 puppet show, na Yin, liyuan opera, gaojia opera, such as a city play audiences.masks opera derived from ballad singing (section), creating more than 10 high quality drama stage art (section),It has produced more than 30 radio, film, television and online audio-visual products.The plan says it will promote innovation and development of national public cultural service system demonstration areas, and proposes that by 2025, per capita cultural expenditure and area of public cultural facilities per 1,000 people will remain the province’s leading level.More than 10 outstanding stage art works on behalf of Quanzhou culture, which euloquize the new era and reflect the new achievements, have been launched.We will focus on building a number of major public cultural facilities, form new landmarks of urban public culture, and foster more than 50 new public cultural Spaces.We will develop a two-ring system of high-quality modern public cultural services.With the “15-minute cultural circle in cities and 10-mile cultural circle in rural areas” as the core, we will continue to improve the quality of public cultural facilities.During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, four major projects, including the 811 public cultural facilities Project, the Quality improvement project of the “People’s Stage” project, the Street art exhibition site project and the 3331 Cultural volunteer Service Project, were mainly implemented.At least 50 new public cultural Spaces will be developed, 50 street art venues will be built, and 60 town and village tourism service centers will be built.