Continue the story of spring | Shanyang tunnel through the Great Rui Railway

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Large machinery is working in shanyang tunnel of Darui Railway.Photo taken by Chen Chang shows large machinery working in shanyang tunnel of Darui Railway.After 14 years of hard work, the Shanyang Tunnel of Yunnan Da (Li) Ruili (Li) Railway, an important part of the China-Myanmar International Corridor, has been completed. So far, all 21 tunnels of dali-Baoshan section of The Da (Li) Ruili Railway have been completed, laying a foundation for the early opening and operation of the Dali-Baoshan section.Shanyang Tunnel is located in Yongping County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, located in the Lancang River fault zone, the length of the tunnel is only 13.39 kilometers, but through six large fault fracture zones in the Hengduan Mountains area.Since starting in 2008, has slipped collapse, collapse, mud, geological disasters, such as water of more than 700 times, including the final 200 meters of surrounding rock, the domestic expert group review for VI level, is the biggest difficulty, the safe risk of surrounding rock under construction in our country’s highest railway tunnel, the tunnel successfully, for our country to experience for the similar geological conditions of railway construction.”The tunnel is 1 km from the top of the mountain, under the action of high ground stress, the highest tunnel is equivalent to 2,000 tons of pressure per square meter, resulting in large deformation of soft rock single point of deformation up to 1.2 meters, continuous deformation section of more than 2,000 meters.”Liu Xiangzhen, site construction director of Darui Railway Project Department of China Railway 23rd Bureau, said that even if the double-layer large steel arch is used for support, the huge high ground stress will still warp and break the arch. The arch can be changed for 3 times at most in the same section, and the total tunnel arch is changed for more than 3000 meters, which is rare at home and abroad.In 2008, As soon as Liu Xiangzhen graduated, he came to the Darui Railway to build the Shanyang tunnel, which has been dazzling for 14 years. Tens of thousands of builders, like Liu Xiangzhen, overcame the difficulties and began to work in a complex geological and harsh environment, such as rich water, high temperature and high humidity.The surrounding rock of the tunnel is weak and broken, soft when it sees water and scattered when it encounters wind, just like making holes in “tofu”. The difficulties can be imagined.Tunnel entrance is reverse slope drainage, Liu Xiangzhen the deepest impression is, ahead of the level of drilling out of the water burst more than 10 meters far, less than an hour to form nearly 4 meters deep water, poured nearly 200 meters, more than a week of continuous rescue to water inrush and silt discharge, now think of or very afraid.According to reports, the peak daily water inflow of the tunnel broke through 38,000 cubic meters, can hold 20 standard swimming pools, 14 years, the construction unit pump used nearly 1,500 units.Affected by bad geology and terrain on both ends of the tunnel construction can only be taken from import and export alone head driving, roadway type ventilation operation mode, makes the sole head driving distance of more than 6 km, air circulation is difficult, the hole containing less than 6.1% oxygen, humidity near 100%, constraints of the front tunnel environment temperature kept constantly in 42 degrees Celsius above,High temperature high humidity anoxic environment is testing the builder’s will and physical strength.Construction crews have to change shifts every two hours, otherwise it’s hard to sustain them.In order to improve the construction environment, Yun-Guangxi Railway Company organized China Railway 23rd Construction Bureau and other participating units to optimize the construction plan, improve ventilation conditions, configure oxygen inhalation equipment, and transport more than 20 tons of ice into the cave every day to cool the workers.”Tunnel safety through reflects the strength to do big things, we mobilized elite troops and strong will, with the overall advantage of resources to fight, jointly participated in the Shan Yang tunnel battle, to ensure the safe and smooth through the tunnel.”China Railway 23 bureau chairman Xiao Hongwu said.Big red 330 km of railway tunnels than 76.5%, is our country the medium and long-term railway network planning, improve the road network layout and the development important project in the west and across the board to take Dali to baoshan, baoshan to ruili section construction mode, among them, the early construction of Dali to baoshan as shan Yang the conquer of the tunnel, is expected to open within this year,It will only take about 1 hour from Dali to Baoshan, and baoshan in Yunnan will end its history of no trains.(Economic Daily – China Economic Net reporter Qi Hui Cao Song) Source: Economic Daily Source: Economic Daily