How to deal with household administration and traffic management during the Spring Festival?

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In order to deepen the “I do practical things for the masses” activities, to meet the needs of enterprises and the masses during the Spring Festival holiday, On February 4 (the fourth day of the lunar New Year), Bayannur City public security organs window units for the masses to handle ID cards and traffic management, exit and entry related business, accept the masses to handle the card consultation and answer questions.During the rest of the Spring Festival holiday, the police stations of the Public security buretions of each county or district will be on duty in turn to handle the household registration business (attached with the duty list), except for February 4, when the window units of the municipal public security organs will handle the household registration business centrally.On February 4 (year four) window for business time: 9:00 am -12:00 PM 15:00-18:00 convenience service hall can handle these business public security organs convenience service hall (government affairs center public security window) can handle the following matters: household business: 1.Resident id card replacement and replacement business 2. Residence card replacement and replacement business 3. Issuance of death cancellation certificate 4.Issue household registration certificate to handle business: 1. Apply for six-year inspection exemption mark 2.Issue temporary license plate 4. Replenish and change the license plate of motor vehicle 5. Replenish and change the driving license 6.Change of telephone number of driver 8. Mortgage/cancellation of mortgage registration 9. Renewal of driving license upon expiration 10.Driver’s license is lost and replaced 11. Driver’s license is damaged and replaced 12.Driving license extension renewal 14. Cancellation of driving license 15.Driver’s license examination 17. Driver to submit physical examination certificate 18. Illegal, accident, vehicle driving management information inquiry 19.Internet user registration (face to face)20. Motor vehicles and drivers will be dealt with in violation of laws 21.Motorcycle and driver replacement license business entry and exit business (do not go abroad unless it is urgent or necessary, tel: 0478-8967638) : 1.Issue of ordinary passport 2. Issue of travel permit and endorsement for Hong Kong and Macao 3. Issue of travel permit and endorsement for Taiwan for Mainland residents 4.5. Convenient Service Hall of City and Qixian District (Public Security Window of Government Affairs Center) for the renewal and reissue of Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents0478-8967638 Linhe District 0478-8960123 Urat front Banner 0478-3225380/3243114 Urat Middle banner 0478-5910833 Urat Rear Banner 0478-4910009 Hangjin Rear Banner 0478-6631976 Dengkou County0478-2601606 Wuyuan county 0478-5213220 During the Spring Festival holiday, police stations of The Public Security bureaus of The Qixian district of Bayannur City will be on duty for household registration in turn, except for the centralized household registration on February 4.0478-8611833 Linhe District 0478-8318883 Hangjin Rear Banner 0478-6640664 Wuyuan County 0478-5238911 Urat front Banner 0478-3267676 Urat Middle banner 0478-5919235 Urat rear Banner0478-4666118 rung mouth county 0478-7966808 bayinnaoer daily reporters all | Gu Junlian correspondent | Bai Xia editor: Qiao Hong