New Year’s Eve dinner, these four ingredients can not be served on the table, many people do not understand, the result made a joke

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The New Year’s Eve dinner on New Year’s Eve is the most important meal of the year. At the end of the year, it is also the beginning of the New Year. People get together and stay up for the New Year.New Year’s Eve dinner is particularly particular, good meaning auspicious dishes can be served on the table, but some bad meaning ingredients, no matter what, can not be made into dishes to entertain friends and relatives, many people do not understand these, the result made a joke.Below, I will share with you several ingredients that are not suitable for the dinner on New Year’s Eve. Interested friends can follow to have a look, so as to avoid stepping on thunder.No matter how much your family loves to eat cabbage, it is not allowed to be served during the Spring Festival. Cabbage is the cheapest vegetable, costing only a few yuan per catty. It can be used to make dumplings, but can not be used for cooking, because it represents poverty and lack of money.Tofu is cheap and tasty, soft and bean-scented, and has great nutritional and edible value, but it’s poor and poor when paired with cabbage.Third: although the lotus root is said to be the most nourishing autumn lotus root, but the New Year’s Eve dinner can not be served on the table, because there are many holes in the lotus root, representing the leakage of money, so this is also very taboo.Fourth: pickles pickles pickles pickles although very delicious, greedy meal, but it represents the poor days before, the New Year is looking forward to the day over the better, so pickles pickles can not be served on the table.