Surgery rejected woman crying out of the operating room Hangzhou Grammy doctor said the price is too low?

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Zhejiang Taizhou Ms Zhang, a few days ago and plastic surgery hospital appointment, the two sides also talked about the price.But when she did, she said, doctors refused to operate on her, saying the charges were too low.What the hell is going on?Woman gets kicked off the table for less surgery?Or is the indicator too low?Ms Zhang: They are playing with me as a consumer, causing psychological harm to me.Mrs. Zhang’s husband: As a person with normal logic, I find it incredible.Speaking of the encounter on March 21, Ms. Zhang and her husband are very angry.Ms. Zhang is taizhou Linhai people, on March 19, she came to Hangzhou Grammys medical cosmetology hospital after a friend, to a summer doctor consulting prosthetic breast augmentation.She said the hospital offered her a price of more than 60,000 yuan. After communication, she negotiated the operation for 42,680 yuan.On The 21st, Ms Zhang travelled from Taizhou to Hangzhou and paid all the fees to prepare for the operation.Before going into the operating room, she said, the salesman who worked with her whispered something to her.Ms. Zhang: sales let me say more than 50 thousand, can’t say more than 40 thousand, this middle what circumstance I don’t understand of, I say why, she say you and doctor say 52 thousand good.After a physical examination, Ms. Zhang lay down on the operating table for the operation.Ms. Zhang: Dr. Xia came in and asked me how much money I paid. I said that I paid more than 50,000 pieces at that time. The doctor was very angry and wanted to do breast augmentation so cheap.He said I’m not doing it. You should go.Ms. Zhang said, after listening to the words of the summer doctor, her whole person is meng, had to under the operating table, find sales, sales said and Summer doctor to do communication, after the second summer doctor came to the operating room.Miss Zhang: he say you should why go why go, your operation I won’t do, so cheap price still want me to give you to do ultrasonic knife breast augmentation, he say you casually seek home hospital to do.Mrs. Zhang’s husband: My wife cried when she said she couldn’t do the operation. I think as a doctor, his medical quality and contract spirit are too low.It’s up to you and me to sign the contract. According to the contract, no matter how low the price, they have to make it for us.Ms. Zhang and her husband’s story sounds incredible.In grammy medical cosmetology, the reporter also saw the summer doctor, but heard another explanation.Dr. Xia said he did turn down the procedure, but not because of the price.Dr. Xia of Hangzhou Grammy Medical Cosmetology Hospital: During the operation communication, we found that she had anemia, and the laboratory report was lagging behind, so we refused the operation. There was no case that she refused the operation because of the low price.Reporters to view Ms. Zhang’s report, found that her hemoglobin and hematocrit index, really low.In this regard, Ms. Zhang refuted, the scene Dr. Xia did not mention anemia this matter, has been saying that the price is too low, so the operation is not done.It is understood that Ms. Zhang was examined at 11:50 a.m. and entered the operating room at about 2 p.m.Dr. Xia said that the number of operations on that day was large, it was near the operation to get the physical examination data.Because the hospital only installed surveillance outside the operating room, it was impossible to see what was happening inside.The two sides are at an impasse.Sign a nondisclosure agreement before surgery.According to the payment records zhang provided, she paid 42,680 yuan for the surgery.But Just now Ms. Zhang said that the sales told her to tell the doctor to pay 52,000 yuan.Zhang said she also signed a confidentiality agreement regarding the cost of the surgery.Ms. Zhang: He said that you signed this agreement at the price of 42,000 yuan, but in fact the original price is more than 60,000 yuan. If you reveal the price, we will ask you to compensate for the difference in price.To this, the head of the Grammy admitted, because the price is low, Ms. Zhang did sign a confidentiality agreement.But What Ms. Zhang does not understand is that the price should be kept secret with the doctor?This hospital said not to know, then the party sales Ms. Tang came over.Hangzhou Grammy Medical Cosmetology Hospital sales Ms Tang: I did not ask her and the doctor said so.Ms Zhang: It was all a trap!She came up and whispered in my ear and said, if the doctor asks you how much, you tell him 52,000, because he won’t do anything less than 50,000.For the hospital’s attitude, Ms Zhang is furious, she thinks the incident has caused too much harm to her, the hospital must make compensation.Ms. Zhang: Dr. Xia and the hospital want to apologize to me and make compensation for all my losses during my stay.The hospital said it would refund Zhang the 42,680 yuan cost of the operation and travel expenses during the period within three working days.In view of Ms. Zhang’s experience, the reporter also carried on the reflection to the competent department.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: