The Winter Olympics have been vilified by the Americans as a provocation, just like in Watergate Bridge 72 years ago

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In the start of Spring of 2022, Beijing amazed the world.”A snowflake” conveys the common feelings of human beings. This weathered “Double Olympic City” embraces every guest from afar with its broad mind.As Uighur and Han athletes join hands to light the final torch, the concept of a community of shared future for mankind has never been clearer.However, the Us media cited “Order” as an attitude of hostility and cited our decision as provocative.This warm moment of the Winter Olympics is the most powerful response to the human rights issue in Xinjiang, so that they can no longer find an excuse to stir up rumors, so they can only play their persecutory paranoia, regard everything in China as hostile.Does this scene look familiar?Seventy-two years ago, the same people were cheering for the U.S. invasion of North Korea, whitewashing it as a “humanitarian act” to “help” South Korea “resist” North Korea’s invasion.Seventy-two years is enough to turn a poor, backward, agricultural country into an advanced, confident world power, but some Americans still look the same.”Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake”, released this Spring Festival, is an excellent film reflecting the battle for watergate Bridge between China and the United States on the battlefield of fighting against the United States and aiding Korea.In the freezing snow of dozens of degrees below zero, in order to block the retreat of the first Marine division, our army bombed the Watergate bridge three times, and the American army with a heavy firepower advantage launched an 8-day and 8-night game of life and death.From the opening scene, the movie begins to bombard the audience’s hearts.The scene in which each fighter stoutly says his or her name is a thoughtful introduction for a new viewer, but for those of us who have seen the previous film, it’s a slap in the face.In particular, the declaration of “the 17th soldier, Lei Sui Sheng” lets us once again replace the shock and enthusiasm of “Changjin Lake”.Blowing up the Watergate Bridge is a hell of a lot harder.To know, the soldiers of the steel company but after a long journey to the Water gate bridge, drinking snow water and eating frozen potatoes, the snow captivated the way forward, the finger has been frozen, each soldier’s body has been extremely hungry and tired.Second, we are also short of bullets and explosives.Compared with the American army, which can easily point out dozens of machine guns and pull out a few tanks at the end of the battle, the volunteer soldiers are really poor.They can only rely on battle-tested individual combat literacy and close brotherly comrades.But the only remaining reliance in the US aircraft bombing in front of the fragile, falling from the sky of incendiary bombs enough to destroy the entire steel seven company.In order to cover their comrades, leaving the fire of victory, some soldiers chose to sacrifice themselves.When he and his comrades look at each other and say goodbye, that scene is exactly the same as the choice of Lei Gong in Changjin Lake!He burns in the fire, burning our full blood!”A good head for nine states, the heart is like iron”, the volunteers will be so hard, not by the wind and snow and gunfire setbacks.The flames of his comrades’ death turned into the burning fury of counterattack.In the strong belief of defending their country, they rode one after another, looking death in the face, and launched a fierce offensive that shocked the enemy again and again.Our soldiers know what they’re fighting for, home and country behind them, and they never retreat!In obvious contrast, is opposite the “young master soldier”.Barely five years after being liberated from the fires of World War II, he was off to a foreign country, fighting in a land he had never known.Indeed, American politicians and media are full of eloquence, calling their acts of aggression “democracy” and “justice”, but the soldiers are still exhausted and confused.So their answer to MacArthur’s “thoughtful” Christmas wish list was simple: “I want to go home.”It is a pity that in a country where invasion is justified, the unpretentious anti-war aspirations of individuals are so insignificant that the media loves political correctness.This man, who was drowned by the flood of war, could only receive a bottle of “wine to end the war” sent by his friend after he died in battle.So, to see our Winter Olympics opening ceremony being so maligned by the American media, I felt dismissive.A lie remains a lie. Our pure desire to cherish peace and call for greater unity will not escape the eyes of visionary people.The people’s praise of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games represents the voice of the people.Instead of getting angry with some media, let’s go to the cinema and watch Watergate Bridge again to feel the martyrs’ undying will to serve their country after 72 years.