The first breakthrough of 500 billion yuan!In 2021, Imports and exports of Guangxi hit a new record high

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In 2021, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with comrade xi for the core, the guangxi autonomous region government and the General Administration of Customs firmly implement the party central committee and the State Council decision deployment, make overall port epidemic prevention and control and promote the steady growth of foreign trade work, as the policy measures effect sustained steady growth, guangxi foreign trade import and export, to achieve faster growth quality is steadily improving.In 2021, in the face of the severe impact of the global COVID-19 epidemic, Guangxi’s foreign trade imports and exports still show strong resilience, and the scale of foreign trade has reached a new level.At the same time, the quality of foreign trade has been steadily improved, mainly in the following four aspects: First, the export potential of industries with distinctive advantages has been gradually released.With the continuous development and expansion of guangxi’s traditional advantageous industries, the industrial advantages are gradually transformed into export advantages.In 2021, Guangxi exported 7.69 billion yuan of automobiles, an increase of 189.6%;The export of auto parts reached 4.66 billion yuan, up 34.7%.At the same time, tea, Traditional Chinese medicine and other specialty products actively explore the international market, the export value increased by 64% and 52.7% respectively.Second, the role of a platform for high-level opening-up has become prominent.In recent years, guangxi comprehensive Free Trade Zone, pilot Free Trade Zone and other high-level open platforms have continuously expanded the dividend of institutional innovation and achieved remarkable results.In 2021, the import and export value of Guangxi Comprehensive Bonded Zone increased by 25.5%, 3.7 percentage points higher than the overall growth rate of Guangxi’s foreign trade in the same period.In addition, Guangxi has actively integrated itself into the new development pattern, accelerated the construction of an international gateway port in the Beibu Gulf, and jointly built a new land-sea corridor in the west at a high level.In 2021, the import and export of the six cities in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone will reach 483.96 billion yuan, driving up the import and export of Guangxi’s foreign trade by 16 percentage points in the same period, becoming an important engine for the steady growth of Guangxi’s foreign trade.Third, the main vitality of private enterprises was effectively stimulated.Benefited from a series of policies and measures introduced by the state and the autonomous region to develop the private economy, coupled with the strong ability of private enterprises to adapt to the market and innovation, endogenous power is sufficient.More and more private enterprises are participating in Guangxi’s foreign trade import and export business, showing resilience in the face of the epidemic.In 2021, the number of private enterprises with import and export achievements will increase by 1.5% compared with that in 2020, and the import and export of private enterprises will drive the foreign trade of Guangxi to increase by 8.9 percentage points in the same period.Fourth, new drivers of foreign trade are gaining momentum.In order to promote the high-quality development of processing trade, Guangxi has implemented the “Processing Trade +” plan to promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade into a technology-intensive industry.In 2021, the growth rate of processing trade in Guangxi will be further accelerated, increasing by 21.5%, 32.8 percentage points higher than that in 2019 and 5.9 percentage points higher than that in 2020.Among them, high-tech products accounted for 68.1%.At the same time, emerging businesses are emerging, and market procurement exports are developing well, with exports reaching 2.08 billion yuan in 2021.The vigorous development of new forms of business will further enhance the impetus for the development of Foreign trade in Guangxi.In general, the import and export volume of Guangxi’s foreign trade will rise steadily in 2021, and foreign trade in the “14th Five-Year Plan” will get off to a good start.Looking ahead to this year, the development of foreign trade is faced with increasing uncertainties, instability and imbalance factors. China’s economic development is under the triple pressure of shrinking demand, supply shock and weakening expectations. The global epidemic situation remains grim, but China’s economy is resilient and its long-term positive fundamentals remain unchanged, which will continue to provide strong support for stabilizing foreign trade.In the next step, Nanning Customs will continue to adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress and previous conferences of the Communist Party of China, earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Central and autonomous Region economic Work conferences, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, and coordinate development and security.To help Guangxi seize the opportunity of the implementation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement, better serve the new development pattern, promote a higher level of opening-up, promote the steady development of foreign trade, and welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.

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