Kang Cuilan: from husband and wife to “sister and brother” to “mother and son” with Zhou Huajian, there are tears behind happiness

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This is too much.When this photo came out, it was said that Zhou huajian and this man were gay.Although this man looks vicissitudes of life, and Zhou Huajian age looks similar.But they weren’t lovers, they weren’t brothers, they were father and son.Some people say why does he look like a foreigner? He is not a foreigner, but a mixed race.Zhou huajian’s wife Kang Cuilan is an American, the two have been married for 36 years, gave birth to a son and a daughter, Zhou Houan, zhou Houen.When recent photos of Zhou and his wife, Kang Cuilan, surfaced last November, kang, 61, looked like a foreign grandmother with her white hair, wrinkled face and simple dress.But in 36 years of marriage, Zhou huajian never thought of abandoning his beautiful wife.Some love is sweet at the beginning, to the end of the disaster on their own.Some love is very bitter at the beginning, through joint efforts to usher in happiness.Zhou Huajian and Kang Cuilan belong to the latter, the wife of the dross can not be abandoned, two people have been in trouble together advance and retreat.These years, what have they experienced, let Kang Cuilan and Zhou Huajian from husband and wife to “sister and younger brother”, and finally became “mother and child”?Zhou Huajian once said, “I was picked up by Jonathan Lee.” It is true that Zhou Huajian can achieve what he has now, thanks to Jonathan Lee’s appreciation.But apart from Jonathan Lee, Zhou hua should also thank two people, one is the people who introduced him to music, and the other is the people who let him do music well.When Zhou Huajian was a child, he lived a poor life just like our ordinary children.Luckily, he had three brothers and a sister.His brothers were very good to him, especially the third brother, Zhou Haojian.When He was a child, Zhou huajian was very naughty. He often hung out late at night with several classmates on the beach. His older brothers would always see him on the beach at night and take him home.When he was in primary school, no one dared to bully him because he had many brothers.Three elder brother in order to let Zhou Huajian no longer all day to run to the seaside, simply tried to find a way.When he was 14 years old, his third brother, Zhou Haojian, gave him a guitar, which was a treasure for Zhou huajian at that time.It was this guitar that introduced Zhou huajian to music.From then on, Chau spent every day with the guitar, developing a love of music that would later change his life.When he was in middle school, he formed a band in his school and took part in the amateur singing competition that year, winning the championship and receiving a reward of HK $4,000.For Zhou Huajian at that time, it was already a good income.It also confirmed his decision to continue down this path.Although he made some progress in music, his studies were not satisfactory.As he spent so much time in the band, Chau’s grades plummeted.Their school is required to take exams for the second year of high school and the third year of high school, but Zhou huajian failed the exam and failed again for a year.During that time, zhou didn’t want to be looked down upon because of his poor academic performance, so he put down his guitar and picked up his textbooks. He spent the whole year studying.In one year, he learned all three years’ lessons again.Finally, with excellent results, I was admitted to the mathematics department of Taiwan University.After arriving at university, Zhou Huajian’s life was not satisfactory.Because the family condition is not good, the cost of living is not much Zhou Huajian in the school full of hunger.One day, an upperclassman saw Zhou’s guitar in his dorm room and asked if he could sing.”Yes,” said Zhou confidently, “I won the championship at the beginning.” So the senior introduced Zhou to a western restaurant as a resident singer.In this way, Chow can earn his living and resume his music dream. It’s the best of both worlds.The years that followed were the most influential years of Zhou huajian’s life.In 1982, Zhou huajian began to work as a resident singer in a restaurant, earning only enough money to live by himself.But he has a loyal fan named Kang Cuilan.Compared with zhang Huajian at that time, Kangcuilan is much better than him.Kang was born in the United States and her father is a professor at National Taiwan University.With a double major in Spanish literature and art, she was already working for an international company with a promising future.It can be said that the real bai Fu Mei.Once, when Zhou was singing in the restaurant, a group of foreign students came.At that time, The singer was singing “Descendants of the Dragon.” In the middle of the high note of the song, a blonde woman (Kang Chu-ran) suddenly stood up, raised her head and clapped wildly.After Zhou huajian finished singing, she walked up to him and said, “You are doing a great thing.” At that time, Zhou Huajian was not very attractive, but he was in his prime. The key was his talent, which made his personality charm burst out.Standing on the stage of Zhou Huajian, like a strong magnetic field, attracted Kang Cuilan.After listening to Zhou Huajian magnetic singing, completely become his little fan sister.After kang Cuilan every day to Support Zhou Huajian.When he finishes one song, she stands up and claps, then closes her eyes as he begins to sing the next.As time passes, Zhou Huajian also produced different feelings to Kang Cuilan.So that day after singing, Zhou Huajian went to Kang Culan said: “I send you home” sudden concern also let Kang Culan heart deer chaos.But as a westerner, she dare to love and hate, love is deep love, hate is deep hate.Two people on the way home, Kang Cuilan did not resist to Zhou Huajian showed his love.Although Zhou Huajian also liked the girl, but after understanding he found kang Cuilan not only good family conditions, but also outstanding students, now or a large company staff.And now he is at best a resident singer, at worst a wandering singer.In contrast, Zhou Huajian’s heart is full of inferiority, more dare not easily accept Kang Culan’s confession.Later two people discover, they are actually the same year the same month the same day of birth, this mianmianzhong fate, let them much one cent kind again.So Zhou Huajian also no longer conceals own idea, said the concern that does not wish to promise.Emil chau said: “now my future career a confused, I don’t know the shouldn’t insist to do music, now also don’t know where the way out is” Kang Cui orchid immediately to comfort her said: “my father was just like you, no one support at the beginning, but later still very successful, you shall by no means speaking out of turn give up love” god wants us to meet a few wrong people wake up a language.After listening to these words, Zhou Huajian is like finding an oasis in the desert. Since it is his passion, why not stick to it.Start with appearance level, fall into talent, loyal to character.They had reached the second stage, fascinated by each other’s talents.From then on, Zhou Huajian took Kang Cuilan as his favorite woman.Kang Cuilan did not abandon or poor boy Zhou Huajian, she is his talent and ambition.At that time, Zhou huajian was going through a “roller coaster” career.In 1984, Zhou huajian released his first song “Who ever Said”, knocking on the door to enter the entertainment industry.Then I signed with a record label, and I thought I’d be good here.But before long the record company closed down, but under Zhou Huajian can only return to restaurants and bars and other places to continue to be resident singer.In fact, at that time, Zhou Huajian was very capable of entering the pop world, but he was unlucky.Swift horse often, and bo Le is not often, the mood of underachievement makes Zhou Huajian’s life very difficult.Perhaps he would have given it up had She not been comforting him.Fortunately, his persistence led him to meet Bole.In 1985, when Zhou Huajian was stationed in the restaurant, there came a genius in the music industry, Jonathan Lee.Mr. Lee happened to be playing mahjong with friends at the restaurant, while Mr. Chow sang onstage.Chow’s singing immediately attracted Jonathan Lee.Li Zongsheng is also very precious talent, decided to cultivate Zhou Huajian.The following year, Lee introduced Chau to Rolling Stone records, and the two became best friends, both musically and in life.Just into the rolling Stone record, Zhou Huajian did not hit the big.I didn’t even make enough money to live on. I had to do odd jobs in commercials to make money.Even so, Kang Cuilan did not abandon the poor days and Zhou Huajian.This year, Zhou Huajian decided to give Kang cuilan a title.One day, Zhou bought a ring on the street and proposed to Kang.Although the ring is very cheap, but Kang Chuelan still took it and put it on her finger.When discussing marriage with the family, both parents strongly opposed.The husband’s family believed that Kang was a Westerner, and her living habits were so different that she ate different food.And the wife’s family that Zhou Huajian is a poor boy, do not deserve kang Cuilan.Although they had no one to support them, they didn’t give up. Madly in love, they got married without hesitation.No new house, no wedding dress, no new furniture, no expensive ring, not even money for dinner with friends, and it was a wedding that couldn’t have been simpler.In kang’s eyes, she doesn’t care because she married her favorite man.After marriage, Zhou Huajian finally ushered in the start of his career.In 1987, Jonathan Lee produced an album for Him called The Direction of The Heart, with which Chow finally became famous and established his own musical style.Later, it won the support of Jonathan Lee and gained a place in the music industry.This way, Kang Cuilan quietly support Zhou Huajian behind, do everything at home, let him feel at ease, can let go.After four years of marriage, the couple had a son, Zhou Houan.At that time, Chow wrote a song for him called kiss My Baby.Four years later, the couple had a daughter, Zhou Houen.In the family, Zhou Huajian’s family of four live a happy life.Career, Zhou Huajian is rising fast.In particular, the song “Sword like a Dream”, a song full of jianghu momentum, propelled Zhou huajian’s career to a peak.At that time, Zhou Huajian could even compete with the four Heavenly Kings.But who can get away with more than that.At that time, after zhou Huajian’s status in the music industry became higher and higher, there began to be some anecdotal things.The most infamous incident at the time was when Mr. Chow was photographed going to a hotel with a woman.Until the scandal was flying, zhou Huajian was afraid of his wife’s concern, he called back and said: “These are nothing” Kang Cuilan did not suspect Zhou Huajian.One day, a female fan called kang at home and said, When are you going to get divorced?She is not worried that Zhou Huajian will abandon her, but for these years to take care of the child’s hard work, for their appearance is getting older and faster sad, now coupled with external pressure, so that her savings for years of grievance at this time all emerged.It wasn’t long before she suffered from depression and her grey hair grew until she couldn’t find any blonde hair, and the once-blonde beauty had become a white-haired “auntie”.At this point, when she and Zhou huajian stood together, they no longer looked like husband and wife, but more like brother and sister.Because westerners age faster than Chinese people, this is also vividly demonstrated in Kang Chuelan.Perhaps it is normal to be regarded as brother and sister, and the age difference is not so big.However, kang is getting older faster and faster, with more wrinkles on her face and gray hair.When she and Zhou huajian stood together at this time, some people even said that they looked more like “mother and son” than husband and wife.And Zhou Huajian is a very responsible and responsible man, very early announced his marriage news.It wasn’t until he saw his wife, who was smiling less, that he realized he had been focusing on his career and neglecting his family for years.He began deliberately turning down gigs to spend more time with his wife and children and his family.Even when he has a concert, he brings his wife and children with him.This just let Kang Chuilan slowly walk out from depression.Although the beauty of their youth is impossible to come back, and they have also changed from husband and wife in the eyes of outsiders to “sister and brother”, and now “mother and son”, the speed of aging also let Zhou Huajian did not expect.But although such, Zhou Huajian still regards Kang Cuulan as “princess” pet, still feel she is the most beautiful woman.In a twinkling of an eye, they have been together for 36 years, their love is like a long stream, endless.You accompany me to endure hardship, I accompany you to grow old.