Lantern Festival food safety consumption tips

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The Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, falls on The 15th day of The first lunar month, The night of The first full moon.On the Lantern Festival, people have the customs of appreciating lanterns, guessing lantern riddles and eating yuanxiao (tangyuan).At present, the market is mostly frozen yuanxiao (tangyuan), in the purchase, cooking, eating and storage links need to pay attention to what matters?Follow xiaobian to have a look!Label information to keep in mind as far as possible to choose regular shopping malls to buy complete identification of yuanxiao (tangyuan), take the initiative to ask for and save the purchase bill.The product label should indicate the factory name, factory address, production date, shelf life, product standard number, food production license number, ingredient list, storage method, shelf life, etc.Do not buy yuanxiao (Tangyuan) with damaged packaging, no label or incomplete label information, unclear content and beyond the expiration date.For sensitive people, carefully read the product packaging information and ingredient list.National food safety standards stipulate that ingredients should be listed in descending order of the amount added in the manufacture or processing of food.Ingredients that do not exceed 2% May be listed in non-descending order.If an ingredient list contains foods that may cause allergies, such as gluten containing cereals and peanut products, manufacturers will generally (but not necessarily) use easily identifiable names on the ingredient list or indicate them in the vicinity of the ingredient list;These foods or their products may be brought into the process and should also be indicated near the ingredients list.Product purchase should be careful to buy yuanxiao (tangyuan), choose the bag color uniform bright, complete shape, no deformation no damage products.Yuanxiao should have the aroma of glutinous rice flour and stuffing, can not have mildew taste, rancidity and other phenomena.If the color is dull, gray, mildew and red (except with red powder), it indicates that the quality of raw glutinous rice flour is not good or the storage time is too long.In most cases, instructions on how to eat will be indicated on the package so consumers can refer to them for optimal taste.Dumplings with stuffing must be thoroughly boiled and steamed. It takes longer for the meat stuffing to be cooked than the vegetarian stuffing to ensure the killing of food-borne pathogens that may exist in the raw materials.Yuanxiao (Tangyuan) is a kind of food rich in starch. It is suggested to reduce the intake of other staple foods.Yuanxiao (tangyuan) is easy to stick together after being cooked for too long, affecting the taste. Therefore, it is best to enjoy the festive food while it is hot, which makes it more fragrant and glutinous.Yuanxiao (tangyuan) is relatively high in sugar and oil, which is not easy to digest. If eaten too much at one time, it may cause upset stomach.Glutinous rice is a high glycemic index food, for diabetics and patients with high blood lipid, even sugar-free yuanxiao (tangyuan) is recommended to eat as little as possible.In addition, before eating yuanxiao (tangyuan), you can eat some vegetables or protein-rich food, which is conducive to reducing the blood sugar response after the meal.According to the national food safety standards, quick-frozen food is required to be stored and sold at -18℃, and the storage method should be clearly identified on the label.Ensure that the product is stored under the storage conditions indicated on the label, both when purchasing and after purchase.Homemade yuanxiao (tangyuan) can be directly put into the freezer freezer, frozen and frozen in time into food bags for preservation, to avoid cross contamination.Take out the food once before serving, do not need to thaw directly into the pot of boiling water to cook through.As the storage temperature of household refrigerator is not easy to accurately control, it is recommended that the homemade and loose yuanxiao (tangyuan) be consumed as soon as possible.Buy pre-packaged quick-frozen yuanxiao (tangyuan) should be frozen preservation, not long-term in the refrigerator freezer, to prevent rancidity and deterioration.Consumers should take personal protective measures when buying frozen goods such as yuanxiao (glutinous rice balls).Wash and disinfect your hands immediately after shopping. Avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes and other parts with your hands before washing your hands. At the same time, disinfect the outer packaging.Graphic editor:Market guard service pioneer Pujiang County Market Supervision Administration for Market Regulation of Pujiang CountyT H A N K SThis article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: