Sanyuan Xubi Experimental kindergarten to carry out “safety first lesson” education activities

2022-08-20 0 By

In order to enhance children’s awareness of safety protection, improve self-protection skills and methods, on February 19, sanyuan Xubi experimental kindergarten classes carried out the “safety first lesson” education activities.This activity, each class the teacher according to children’s age characteristic, selection and early childhood life common sense, and the safety of the use of classroom teaching, game experience, in the form of “traffic safety” heart “fire safety know how much” “outdoors need to keep in mind that” theme activities such as “I’m a little security officer”, effectively improve the ability of children to protect themselves,Enhance children’s awareness of safety prevention.The “first safety lesson” is a normal safety education activity in Sanyuan Xubi Experimental Kindergarten, which improves the safety prevention ability of teachers and children and creates a safe and harmonious learning and living environment.(Lin Wenzhen)