Spring tour apricot blossoms on the branches

2022-08-20 0 By

At present, Xinjiang Kuqa City Wucha Town Kalayujimai community apricot flower garden competition open, fragrance pleasant, attracted a large number of tourists outing sightseeing, take photos to play, enjoy the comfortable spring.Into the apricot forest, spring breath on the face.The sky is blue, apricot flowers are white, groups of beauties dressed in qipao, Hanfu and other kinds of skirt, singing and dancing under the apricot trees, do not have a scene.”Today I came here with my friends. The apricot blossom here is so beautiful and beautiful. We wore our favorite Hanbok, danced, sang and took pictures together.Kuqa City Wuqia town Wuqisan villagers Aziguli Kuerban said: “today I came to the apricot garden with my family, came here to see the apricot flowers of farmers and artists, and see folk artists singing and dancing, feel very interesting, very happy.”Buajir, xinjiang bureau of China Daily