The musical “Ice And Snow dream” premiered

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“Mom, look, it’s Ice Dwen dwen!”On February 12 and 13, the children’s musical Bing Dwen Dwen Snow Rong Rong dream, produced by Beijing Performing Arts Group and created and performed by Beijing Children’s Art Theater, was staged in Beijing Capital Library Theater.Through the full plot, good music and gorgeous stage choreographs, the drama will let more young audiences know about ice and snow sports, stimulate their interest in participating in ice and snow sports actively, and add beautiful colors to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.The children’s musical Bingdwen Dwen and Xuerrong Rong’s Dream tells the story of bingdwen Dwen and xuerrong Rong’s best friends, Bingshan And Xuennuan, who help a girl named Xiao Feather realize her dream of snow and ice.Xiao Feather has a congenital imbalance that prevents her from becoming a champion skater like her mother.But does it have to be a champion to make sense?”There is only one champion. Did the people who didn’t win all lose?””When you lose, you lose to someone else;When you lose, you lose to yourself.”These lines are enlightening and instructive for both parents and children.The character Shichahai “Old Ice Crystal” and his magic weapon “Old ice Juice” have strong Beijing elements, “cloud space” and “network virus”, which are not unfamiliar to children at present, are also skillfully integrated into the plot.Through vivid images and stories, the drama promotes the Olympic spirit of mutual understanding, enduring friendship, unity and fair play, and expresses the vision of promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations and building a community with a shared future for mankind.The play with percussion throughout: strong percussion percussion sound children’s “dream”, enthusiastic performance reflects the dream “burning”.The crew, who had almost no experience in percussion, invited professional teachers to guide them and spent a lot of time and energy to learn percussion and gradually “played” the “outline of the dream”.”The city of a thousand years, the beauty of a thousand years and the dream of a thousand years are all in Beijing.” One of the songs in the play, “Old ice sauce of Shichahai”, recited the long history of Beijing’s ice and snow dream in the accompaniment of Sanxian.This song also specially adds the percussion music, with the enthusiastic performance reflects the “burning” atmosphere, shows the magnificent momentum of Beijing city.Because it is a children’s musical, the play is more gorgeous in color, both in costume and stage design, but the overall collocation is harmonious and unified and not vulgar.Each scene is like a painting, while the use of laser, more technological sense of the big screen, to provide a more realistic sense of space for the development of the story.The audience can feel the charm of snow and ice in different forms, such as falling snow, snowflake elements and LED large screen.The stage setting was not only loved by the children, but also surprised and pleasantly surprised the parents.Dong Ning, deputy general manager of Beijing Performing Arts Group and chairman of Beijing Children’s Art Group, said, “Before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing Children’s Art group had presented acrobatic pantomime ‘Fuwa’.From 2006 to 2008, each performance was loved by many children.So after the mascot was released, Beijing Performing Arts Group and its subsidiary Beijing Children’s Art group began to work on the mascot.Beijing Children’s Arts is best at drama performances, but this time we chose the most popular musical form of these years to perform, so the actors learned singing and percussion.It’s a combination of elements that makes the show both good and good.”According to Zhao Lemeng, director of The Beijing Children’s Art Center, the children’s musical Bingdwen Dwen Snow Rhongrong’s Dream of Ice and Snow is not only an important work of the “Meet Me in Beijing” International Art Festival, but also an official licensed drama of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics.The children’s musical “Bing Dwen Dwen Snow Rong Snow Dream” will be performed at the National Center for the Performing Arts from February 18 to 20. A domestic tour of the musical is also in the planning, and it is expected to meet children in more cities this year.Photo by Ji Chenwen