Why do men and women like younger partners?How does sex drive our love

2022-08-20 0 By

Let me start by asking you two interesting questions: who is a woman more likely to fall in love with a sturdy young man or a kindly hunched old man?Who is more likely for a man to fall in love with a beautiful young girl with a voluptuous body or an old man with white hair and wrinkles?The answers to these two questions are obvious, and we would certainly choose the former.From these two examples, we can clearly see that young girls and boys, aesthetically pleasing sexes are more likely to have love.The reason is very simple, because the object of our love must be our sexual object, it must be something we can theoretically dream about, and our love will change with sex.When a heterosexual person is in a fertile period, i.e. he/she has more reproductive characteristics, others are more likely to fall in love with him/her because his/her characteristics trigger instinctive love and impulsiveness in others.On the contrary, it’s hard to fall in love with older people, which proves only one thing: our procreation controls our sex drive, and our sex drive controls our love.Even if we don’t know where all of our actions and emotions come from, our physical instinct is to be impulsive, and our reproductive nature is to choose a genetically superior mate.So we prefer objects that have reproductive characteristics, that are young and healthy.In other words, our love is driven by lust.