Zhangjiakou Daily reporter’s Winter Olympics Diary (13) Anyone who has a dream is great

2022-08-20 0 By

Zhang Jiakou NEWS: The 17-year-old Chinese athlete Yang Shuorui finished his Olympic Games in Beijing on February 14 morning with a smooth finish.This is the second qualifying round of women’s freestyle slopestyle.On the first slide, she made a mistake in the prop area and gave up the platform area.At that time, the field played the original dream, to cheer her on.23, not enough to qualify for the finals.However, when she walked in the mixed mining area, took off the snow mirror, revealing the left corner of the eye has not fully recovered from the injury, the smile on her face and the sentence “to participate in the Winter Olympics, I think it is already a victory”, let everyone feel her precious happy.Half of the winter Olympic Games, looking back a few days ago, many “Yang Shuorui” people with hard figure won the applause of everyone.Chinese Taipei runner Lee Min, for example, won applause from the crowd as she slowly climbed to her feet after falling and missing the flag gate early in her run to qualify for the Beijing Olympics in 25 events over 37 days.”I want to finish. My goal before I came here was to finish. I can’t just go back after all this hard work to the Olympics.”Lee’s words are raw but moving.For example, Zhao Jiwen, the last torchbearer in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the first Chinese athlete to stand in the Nordic combined event, fought to the last minute in the Nordic combined men’s individual standard platform and individual cross-country 10km, despite the risk of body temperature loss, although he only finished 43rd.But behind is the Chinese athletes indomitable hardships pay.Another example is Yan Xingyuan. As the first biathlon athlete in the Winter Olympics in The province, he tried his best to set a new record step by step in the province…The Olympic Games, held every four years, not only provides a platform for athletes all over the world to learn their skills, but also provides an opportunity for them to show their spiritual outlook.Maybe they won’t win the gold medal.Maybe, they will make mistakes, but for them, standing in the Olympic arena, just great.Olympic Games is not only about gold MEDALS, everyone who works hard is great, and everyone who has a dream deserves to be respected.(Reporter Wu Jianwei)