A 13-year-old boy was attacked and killed by four dogs. What legal liability does the dog owner have?

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A 13-year-old boy was mauled to death by four dogs in an abandoned factory near his home after his parents called police and found his body. Police have arrested the dog’s owner.The incident was particularly regrettable, as it once again brought the social phenomenon of dog attack to the public and aroused wide discussion.From a legal perspective, dog bites are common, and dog owners should be liable for compensation.In this case, what legal liabilities should the dog owner bear?1. Civil liability: According to the Provisions of the Civil Code, if the animals raised cause damage to others, the animal breeder or manager shall bear tort liability.Where a breeder or manager of an animal causes damage to another person by failing to take safety measures for the animal in violation of the administrative provisions, he shall bear tort liability.Where a dangerous animal such as a fierce dog, which is prohibited from being kept, causes damage to another person, the breeder or manager of the animal shall bear tort liability.In this case, the dog involved did not apply for relevant certificates, so the dog owner should bear the responsibility for personal compensation, including death compensation, funeral expenses, emotional compensation and other related expenses.2, criminal responsibility: according to the briefing, in the case of the dog did not deal with relevant documents, the owner as full capacity for civil ACTS, shall recognize the free-range dog may cause person damage, even may cause others to die as a result, but the dog owner did not take the corresponding protective measures, alleged constitute the crime of causing death.According to the Provisions of the Criminal Law: shall be sentenced to imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years;If the circumstances are relatively minor, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years.Specific sentencing should be combined with compensation, case and other factors to determine.Lawyers remind: in the current social environment, animal infringement events often occur, for the safety of others, dog owners should handle dog registration certificate and vaccination according to the relevant management regulations, improve their own safety awareness, dog must be equipped with safety measures.