Congratulations to Gu Ailing for gold and silver, Sima Nan for her remarks should apologize everyone comment

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Gu earned another silver medal in freestyle ski slopestyle at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb. 15, the Lantern Festival.First of all congratulations Ailin, you are one of the best and most beautiful ice athletes on the planet.In the second jump, Elaine’s fall probably made a lot of people who like her nervous!But she stood up and took her chances by finishing the final round successfully.The ice and snow athletes of all countries in the world are working hard for the Olympic Ideal of all mankind in the snow and snow of the north, there is a person, big V Sima Nan, he is basking in the sun on the balcony of hainan Island, talking about Guailin.He is Sima Nan, and his remarks about Gu Ailing are not surprising.I want to ask, Mr. Sima Nan, did you watch the match as we did?If so, is it the same as our heartbeat?Or are you not watching the game, but preparing another theme video of your own?We don’t have to guess what he does, but let’s take a look at how he’s been ruining everyone’s day lately.First of all, he talked a lot about Gu Ailing’s nationality. In his long video about Ai Ling’s nationality, he said “online” and “others said” everywhere. Can’t we suspect that you just heard it through the grapevine without pointing out the source?He expresses his opinion without fully knowing it, as if he knows all the policies and strategies in the land of China. Who are you?Do you know aibo is not exclusive?The INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee has written regulations on the qualification of athletes from all countries. Our country also has relevant functional departments to manage it. Gu Ailing has already competed for gold and silver in the Winter Olympics on behalf of China.Should we listen to the IOC and our related departments or you?Do you really care about sports? Do you really care about the Winter Olympics?The Winter Olympics are being held in Beijing, and your home is also in Beijing. Why did you go sunbathing on the balcony of Haihua Island in Hainan during the Winter Olympics?Is it not good to stay at home and cheer for the Olympic athletes?Nationality issue is too big a topic, whether he stays in Beijing to cheer for the Olympic athletes is also his freedom, so I will play the main role here.Let’s take a look at his article on February 12, in which he said, “People like Gu Ailing go to China only because the National sports of the United States is not what it used to be.”Sima Nan you are more than 60 years old, may I ask you, any person who makes a decision that affects his life is due to a combination of factors?Even if Gu Has the consideration you mentioned, doesn’t she have other reasons?Such as like my grandma do Chinese food, like mother GuYan stories of ancient China, like the badaling Great Wall, like the night scenery of the huangpu river in Shanghai, like summer hutong in Beijing a little playmate when (you are not also called hutong string) over the city, like one day beautiful snowflakes falling a grain (perhaps and you hutong snowflakes are twins)…All of the above must have contributed to Gu’s decision.But you sima Nan, in the whole article, only have this reason, still say what “no more than”!I think it is: nothing more than your subjective assumption of the head, with the heart of a villain degree gentleman’s stomach, right?If we can forgive him for all of the above, then the wording of his little article of February 10 was grossly inappropriate, totally unacceptable and intolerable!In one line he actually said, “It doesn’t matter whether hybrids have advantages or not.”Oh, my gosh!Sima Nan, who claimed to be a former college Chinese teacher, actually used a “hybrid” word. He actually used this word on the balcony of Haihua Island in the warm sun to an 18-year-old beautiful girl who was fighting for gold and silver on behalf of China in the snow and snow!To be honest, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw it!The word “hybrid” is most familiar to us than the rice studied by Academician Yuan Longping.In everyday life, the word has more uses and is even more offensive!But he, sima Nan, who was in his 60s and was certified as a scholar and calligrapher, used such words!Big brother Sima Nan, do you think it is appropriate for you to do so?What is the source of your prejudice against Gu?Don’t say she represents China, any athlete in the world you have no right to say so, you don’t have this qualification!Even Gu Ailing you dare to use such words, is liu Shaolin liu Shaoang two brothers, as well as many members of the Chinese men’s and women’s hockey teams, you can say so?Well, if you have the courage, might as well stand in front of the Chinese men’s ice hockey team to say, hehe!Finally, I would like to ask you sima Nan, you should be a Han Chinese, so am I wu Xingbo.We are all members of the Han nationality, the dominant ethnic group of the Chinese nation, aren’t we?As a “book writer and scholar” who often makes history programs, you should understand the most basic knowledge: not only is China a multi-ethnic country, but our main ethnic group, the Han, has also incorporated the genes of many other ethnic groups that have disappeared over thousands of years, such as Dangxiang, Xianbei and Khitan……Happy Lantern Festival to Gu Ailing and her friends!Considering that Mr. Sima Nan is an old man, I wish you a happy holiday too.More in Hainan bask in the sun, but do not bask in the head, you know: “warm wind smoked visitors drunk”!The sun basks in enough should blow the sea breeze, let oneself brain sober a bit!By the way, by the way, I am next door grandma Wang’s family 500 years ago, say these really good for you.