Harry Potter: He’s the card players want most, but don’t plan it

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Harry Potter: The Wizard Awakens has been in beta for four months now, and has been playing professor McGonagall, RON, and Luna.There are still a lot of unpublished character buddy cards in the original.Before, some players said that “only the living characters can be made into cards, and the dead characters can only be made into echoes”, but after the launch of partner Karron, also broke such a rule.The cards that didn’t play in the original book have made players more and more excited.In previous mastermind challenges, it has been revealed that Sirius, Dumbledore and Mad-Eye Moody are currently in the works.Each step was carefully designed in order to recreate the characteristics of these characters more carefully in the game.So which character will gamers most look forward to from the books?According to recent comments and private messages, Sirius is the only one of the characters that players are looking forward to.The most popular, of course, is the classic role of Harry Potter —- “Lord Voldemort brother”.Avada Kedavra, the classic villain of the book, is currently the only card in the game that features Voldemort, and there is no mention of voldemort’s companion card or echo.If there were a Voldemort buddy card or Voldemort Echo, the gameplay would definitely go up another level.If it’s going to be fun, why isn’t it part of the planned update?Players who understand the mobile games of Harry Potter know that the Awakening of Harry Potter magic once opened shortly after, due to the popularity of dark magic duel field, caused a large number of original party ridicule, junior freshmen can directly learn black magic, such game mechanism obviously does not conform to the original setting.Officials later added punishment eggs.Voldemort cards/echoes were never included in the update, perhaps because of concerns about the dark arts’ impact on the original worldview.However, in Xiaoyi’s view: mobile games belong to the Harry Potter series of derivative works, its essence is still a game, or to the player experience.In the Harry Potter movies, the scenes in the books are not completely recreated. If harry potter, Hermione, RON, and Malfoy are all featured in the game, why not Voldemort?Without a villain in the game, it feels like a big part of the fun is missing.As a gamer, would you want Voldemort in the game?